Canadian Sovereignty News Archives:

Trudeau: CRA must Allow Charities to do Their Work “Free From Political Harassment”
Canadian Screen Awards dazzles
Canada: Take-Overs are not foreign investment
Security Perimeter: Harper, NDP fakes destroy Canada for Agenda
Omnibus Bill confirms North American Parliament's existence
Security Perimeter: Liberals, NDP sew deception against Omnibus Bill
Omnibus Bill: Canadians protest North American Union agenda
Security Perimeter jeopardizes Canadian public healthcare system
Canadians show apathy to NAU assimilation prospects
Elizabeth May defends Canada alone in Parliament against the NAU
Ottawa: PM pursues War through Orwell playbook — Bill C-26
Elections Canada: Conservatives used Americans to campaign -- Illegal
Security Perimeter: U.S. Homeland Security takes over Canadian border
Security Perimeter: Canada-U.S. Border to be Erased -- Media Blackout
EU Trade Deal could destroy Newfoundland and Labrador
EU Trade Deal threatens Canadian labour rights
Water Rights: EU Trade Deal destroys Canadian public control
NAU agenda: Nazi-Aryan ideology inspires Security Perimeter
EU Trade Deal would destroy Atlantic Canada's industries and jobs
CETA: Europe demands Canada scrap Public Healthcare System
EU Trade Deal requires Harper call new Election
EU trade deal could destroy Nova Scotia
EU Trade Deal worse than NAFTA: Toronto calls for protection
Europe Trade Deal: Privatizing Our Public Healthcare System
Wheat Board: Top Seven Reasons Canadians should give a Damn
Canada for sale again -- This time to European elite bloodlines
Canada requires sovereignty, not North American border
Canadian Wheat Board pursues class action law suit
Jasper: Harper pursues American control for National Parks - The Sell-out continues
Border Pact Book: Canada’s National Identity Censored, Avoiding the North American Union sell-out
Owen Sound: Border Pact undermines Canada's vital sovereignty
Wheat Board: One Canadian's Open Letter to PM Stephen Harper
Bank of Canada gets sued - Constitutional challenge: Capitalism or Economic Democracy
Elites betray Canadian sovereignty with U.S. Steel Deal
Canada: Economic crisis began with so-called Free Trade
Canada’s national identity: A Progressive Cosmopolitan Community - Silent Auction on Collector’s Book
Security Perimeter: Border Pact destroys Canadian and U.S. Sovereignty
Free Trade worsens Canada's disparity, so will Border Pact
Liberals fight for Canadian Wheat Board, way too late
Border Pact: Canadians become apathetic on nationhood
Border Pact: Canada, what does sovereignty mean to you?
Border Pact: U.S. Cops and Army go to Canadian cities
U.S. Army, Canadian cities: Liberals knew Border Plans in 2006
Border Pact, 2006 Liberal Attack Ad - U.S. troops in Canadian cities
Security Perimeter linked to Tar Sands: First Nations become Terrorists
Border Pact: Trudeau’s Spirit confronts Stephen Harper and his Past Life
Security Perimeter: I am Canadian
Border Pact supports Detentions without Trials across North America
U.S.-Canada Border Pact requires a National Referendum
Border Deal: Harper signs Canada away to U.S. Homeland Security
Border: Harper signs away our Birthright, but do Canadians care?
Border: Harper surrenders Biometric Data to American Control
Extraterrestrials: JFK's Speech, Harper-Obama Secret Border Pact
Security Perimeter: NDP clique linked to North American Parliament
Bye, Bye Canada's House of Commons and U.S. Congress
Security Perimeter Deal linked to NAU Parliament meetings
Security Perimeter: Canada and U.S. get a new flag?
Security Perimeter Biometrics: Tracks You from Bedroom to Toilet
Border Pact puts Canadians under new U.S. National Defense Act
Canadian Wheat Board: Eight reasons to stop the Sell-Out
New political party appeals to Occupy Canada movements
Conservatives and Liberals: Make Canada six U.S. states
Canadian Wheat Board must save itself says new movement
Bye, Bye, Canadian Wheat Board?
Canada needs to abandon its U.S. auto-industry affair
NAU agenda: Canada's destroyed sovereignty accelerates
Canada Pursues U.S.-Style Security and Foreign Policy
Defending Canada from the NAU: Principles of Sovereignty
Harper's Wheat Board decision linked U.S. Embassy
Sovereignty Canada seeks to become new political party
Wheat Board: Stephen Harper wants foreign ownership
British Columbia speaks: Hands-off our Wheat Board
Security Perimeter: Harper turns Canada into U.S. colony
Bye Bye Canada: America fully controls Security Perimeter
Tom Muclair with NDP conspires with Harper Conservatives
Canada-US Border Deal Threatens Sovereignty
NAU agenda: Political operatives sell-out Canada
Canada-US Border Deal Threatens Sovereignty
Canada sold out to U.S. Military-Industrial complex on Energy
Perimeter Security Deal Based On Secrets, Lies & Deceptions
Security Perimeter deal allows U.S. policing activities in Canada
Harper government ignores Canada's farmers on Wheat Board
NAFTA was never about freer trade with the U.S.
Security Perimeter: Editors appeal for donations across Canada
Canada: Never Mind Sovereignty, How about access to Booze?
Harper wants to Decentralize Canada toward NAU agenda
Sovereignty sold: Former Prime Minister lied to Canadians
Canada adopts harmful policies through Security Perimeter military-industrial complex
Canadians against the NAU agenda are inspired by Non-Alignment Movement ideals
Conservative Party wants Canada to become the next Puerto Rico
Security Perimeter Agreements expands NAFTA against sovereignty rights of Canadians
Security Perimeter: U.S. Obama administration pursues annexation deal against Canada
Wikileaks: U.S. plan to take-over Canada through “NAU” real
Security Perimeter about U.S. take-over, and not “border security”

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