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Universal Development Agenda and Our Priorities
Russia's Annexation of Crimea is Final
Russia vs. West: EU-Russia Strained Relations
Kashmir Inches Towards Goal For Freedom
On Turkey-EU moment of reckoning
Donald Trump hardball on Kashmir – but India is no pushover
Kashmir: An appeal to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres
Trump’s perception of Russia and Putin Revealed
Pakistan: Democracy’s tyranny of majority eclipses monocracy
Why Canadians and Americans Differ on Guns
India: Post Jayalalithaa Tamil Nadu politics: Chinnamma Sasikala to be new TN CM
Issues before USA as Trump inaugurates presidency
India: Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Is US-UK special relationship under threat under Trump presidency?
Greece refuses extradition of Turkish coup soldiers!
Tensions in South Asia: Pakistan test-fires nuclear missile
Israel-Palestine Conference in France: Focus on Future Palestine
Premises of Trump’s foreign policy orientation and future of international order – A study in Trumpism
Trump Alleges Presidental Election Cyberattacks Are Rumours
Indian politics: Rising son Akhilesh Yadav UP CM outsmarts his own promoter-father Mulayam Yadav
Donald Trump to meet press on 11 January over conflict of interests
Pakistan urges world to pressure India to hold referendum in Kashmir
Demonetization as Indian tragedy: Modi silent on specifics of black money
Incessant Bushfires and Its Impact on the Weather
Refugee crisis in Europe: Some observations
Why was Russian ambassador killed in Turkey?
President-elect Donald Trump can resolve Kashmir – Mike Pence
Surge of Russian influence in West Asia at America’s expense
Turkey could burn its fingers in Syria
Obama, Putin briefly discuss Syria and Ukraine at APEC Summit
Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, former president, dies aged 90
I wish to be independent: Kashmir Maharaja
Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum and His Entourage: Start Respecting Human Rights Now
New Campbell's Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup Has Got to Go
How Stable Are US-Turkey Relations?
UN Chief Concerned Over Worsening Situation in Kashmir
Donald Trump has Socialist Dictatorship in Washington Scrambling for Survival
India: Testing time for Modi government
Ottawa Activist Launches Legal Defence Fund against Ottawa Police Detective
Elites Pursue Crowd Control on Global Warming Adaptation
Marijuana Addiction: It's Real, But Can Be Beaten
Turkey and Saudi Arabia to launch Strategic Cooperation Council
US Presidency 2016: Sanders Outsmarts Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire
Two-Party Limits Democracy in USA and US Presidency 2016
Kashmir Observes India-Pakistan Political Gamesmanship
Self-Determination of Kashmiris Remains Core Pakistani Foreign Policy
North Korea Tests Hydrogen Bomb
Paris COP21: Saving the World From Global Warming
Bangladesh: Political Crisis Erupts Over Poll
Independent Kashmir key to International peace
Ever-growing Saudi Arabia-Pakistan relations!
China Demands West Pay for Climate Correction
Turkey Shoots Down a Russian Plane
Rising Nepal impacts on international political horizon
Palestine: Why Israel cannot become a normal nation?
Turkey Agrees For Syria’s Transition But Without Assad
India: Beef Politics Could Trigger A Nuclear War
U.S. Presidency 2016: Why Did Biden Decline To Contest?
Liberals Win Majority Government
Federal Election: Mulcair Shows Why NDP Lost
Could the nuclear deal lead to US-Iran rapprochement?
China: World's Largest Aircraft Carrier Docks in South China Sea
Indo-Pak Relations: Who is Responsibe?
Does Hillary Clinton oppose Arctic drilling?
Will US-China cooperation in Afghanistan benefit Afghans? Part I
Kashmir inundation and Amarnath cataclysm
Indian intransigence on Kashmir issue
Xcheaters.com Review: Insights on Possible Scam - Opinion
India: Obama visit symbolic to Kashmir solution
US drone murder program in Pakistan with government approval?
Toward a Very Happy New Year
Economy: Too Much Money Spent on Space
Human Insecurity: Bhopal Tragedy
Canada backs Kashmir solution
Is Kashmir India’s worst enemy?
Black President Pursues European Neo-Colonial Agenda
Indian insensitivity frustrates United Nations
Kashmir Ping Ponged at United Nations
Kashmir: Flood devastates education sector
India-Australia Uranium Puzzle
Historicity: Extra Terrestrial and UFOs
India: NSG’s Precedent
UFO: Scholar links Aliens to Terrorism and Wars
Israel targets Gaza children
Kashmir encounters incessant state terrorism
Palestine: Hopelesness and helplessness attract extremism
Terrorism: America's Archons use Al Qaeda suggests Scholar
Kashmir: Lost once for all?
Iraq: Obama not to send US troops into Baghdad again
Russia quits G-8 after G7 suspension over Ukraine issue
Indian Politics: Why did Muslims abandon Congress party?
Russia-China Gas Deal at Shanghai
Spinal Injury Related Paralysis Cure At Hand Now
Pakistan: Sharifs hit Guinness Book of World record
Gas - Moscow’s other weapon against Ukraine, Europe
Russia ignores western isolation efforts
Pakistan Introduces First Cyber Security Bill
Kashmir: Beliefs and environmental disasters
Ukraine would accept Russia's annexation as new reality
Ukraine: Will there be a US-Russia war over Crimea?
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