Human Rights News Archives:

Ottawa Judge Breaks The Law: Sylvia Corthorn Faces Criminal Charges
Canada To Pay Sixties Scoop Victim $800 Million Compensation
Abdirahman Abdi: Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau Deserved No Apology for Tweets
Ottawa Police Decline Under Charles Bordeleau Linked to Crime Wave
Personal Injury Lawyers: Why to Seek Their Help?
7 Effective Ways To Protect Your Identity Online
First Nations: $53.86 Million Allocated to Missing Women and Girls Inquiry.
Qandeel Baloch, the Kim Kardashian of Pakistan Killed by Brother
Ottawa Lawyers: Seeking to Oppress Women and Disabled People? Try John Summers
Blacklisting Migrant Workers
Mental Illness and African Nova Scotian Communities
Homelessness and Poverty Remain a Needless Plague
Libya to France: How Global Elites Plot Terrorism
European MEP Sajjad Karim denounces Global Terrorism
How to support a woman living with violence
Canadians roll out their yoga mats for human rights
Kashmir: Shutdown, protests marked the 23rd anniversary of Gawkadal Massacre
New campaign empowers women against bullying, domestic violence
Philippines: Making sure no one is left behind
Yoga lovers stretch themselves for human rights
Saving lives, one flush at a time
Canadian exposes torture in West Africa
Charity: Get involved with a cause to make a difference
EU prize for Human Rights silent over persecution of Muslims
Human Rights: Canadian youth take action
West African Torture: Canadian research reveals
Malala awarded top EU Human Rights prize
Air Canada humiliates passenger
Base your fitness resolution on knowledge, not numbers
Hidden History: Mineral Wealth curses Indigenous Peoples
First Nations peoples become Citizen Journalists
Vancouver protests Housing Commodification
Libya: Beware of Humanitarians with bombs
Canadian Feminism: La Castrata Revisited

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