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Ancient Alien Walled City Found On Mars
Bright Triangle-shaped UFO Hovers Over Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
UFO: Dark Circular Object Appears Over Geneva, Switzerland
Shape-shifting UFOs Witnessed Over Canton, GA
Aliens: Bright Lights Appear Over Athens, GA
Square-shaped UFO Seen In Warner Robins, GA
Bright Coloured UFO Hovers Over Florida, US
V-shaped UFO Seen In Littleton, CO
UFO: White Orb Destroys Chemtrail Over Paris, France
UFO: Five Metallic Objects Fly Over Superior, CO
Dark Triangle-shaped UFO Seen in Ellicott, CO
Bright UFO Caught On CCTV In Bolton, England
Manipulative Aliens Pursue Abduction and Human Cloning Agenda
Glowing UFO Hovers Over Residential Area In Moscow, Russia
Alien Abduction Caught On Tape
Triangle UFO Hovers Over Broomfield, CO
Aliens Suspected to be Hiding behind Jupiter
Lightning hits a UFO in Corsica, France
White UFO Seen Over West Virginia
UFO: Blinking Red/Blue Light Seen In Marietta, Ohio
UFO: Black Triangle-shaped Object Seen In Telford, UK
UFO: Strange Lights Seen At Sundown in Edmonton, Alberta
Bright UFO Witnessed Over Franklin Springs, GA
Silver UFO Photographed In Radcliffe, UK
Square-shaped UFO Hovers Over Azle, TX
UFO: Triangle Formation Hovers Over Swindon, UK
Alien Enthusiast Complains of Being Threatened by Alleged U.S. Federal Agent
UFO: Shape-shifting Alien Object Spotted in Idaho
Aliens: Blue UFO Seen In Spokane, WA
UFO: Two Objects Observed Moving In Markdale, Ontario
UFO: Three Lights with Triangular Outline Spotted Moving In Calgary, Alberta
UFO: Two Strange Objects Spotted Moving In Stoney Creek, Ontario
UFO: Object with Moving Lights Spotted In Gatineau, Quebec
UFO: Reflective Triangular Object Spotted In Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia
UFO: Triangle Formation Seen Over Philadelphia, PA
UFO: Pointed Symmetrical Disc Emitting Lights and Flashes Spotted In Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Are Aliens Mutilating Cattle To Create Hybrid Beings?
UFO Spotted Moving Fast Past a Plane in Calgary, Alberta
UFO: A Blue Oval shaped-Object Spotted in Ontario, Canada
White UFO Intercepted By U.S Army Helicopters
Round Glowing Orb Photographed Over Hammond, Ontario
White Orb-like Object Seen Over O'Fallon, MO
UFO: Alien mothership with a scout ship sighted over New York
Jellyfish UFO Appears In Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Cloning: Alien Encounter Reveals Human Blood Extracted From Abductions to Create Hybrids
UFO Hovers Over Mountains Near Banff, British Columbia
UFO Spotted in Hamilton, Ontario
Aliens: Blinking Light Seen Over Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
UFO: White Orb Hovers Over Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
UFO: Brilliant Object Appears Over Fort McMurray, Alberta
Alien-like Figure Appears During 9/11 Tribute.
UFO: Oval Craft Spotted Flying below the Clouds in Toronto, Ontario
UFO: Red and White Light Spotted Flashing in the Skies of Jasper, Alberta
UFO: Red, Orange Glowing Orbs Spotted In Innisfil, Ontario
Aliens: Glowing Objects Spotted Flying in Didsbury, Alberta
Black UFO Hovers Over Salt Lake City, UT
Triangular-shaped UFO Seen Over Livonia, Michigan
Baffling Alien Sighting In Russia - Huge Beam of Light Appears!
Aliens and UFO: Three Burning Orange, Red Objects Spotted Flying in Woodstock, Ontario
Aliens and UFO: Bright White Light Spotted In McLeod Lake, British Columbia
UFO: Star-Like Light Spotted Moving East in London, Ontario
Aliens and UFO: Several Blinks of Red and White Photographed in Silverwater, Ontario
UFO: Orange Object Spotted In the Skies of Adstock, Quebec
UFO: Family Spot Glowing Orbs Over North Carolina
10 Compelling Pieces Of Evidence May Prove Time Travel Exists
UFO: Bright Orange Sphere Spotted Hovering Over the Tree Line in Lindsay, Ontario
Flying Star-Like Object Spotted In Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland
UFO: Brilliant Orbs Scare Michigan Witness
Multiple UFOs Seen During Electric Storm In Corsica, France
UFO Appears During UFO Researcher Interview
Blue UFO Hovers Over Bakersfield, CA
Grey Metallic UFO Hovers Over St. Louis, MO
Glowing UFO Seen Over Carson City, NV
Incredible Story of How Humans Meet Aliens
New Jersey Witness Spots Glowing Orbs In The Sky
UFO: Two Orbs Exchange Plasma Over Washington D.C.
Triangular-shaped Object Hovers Above Auburn, WA
Australian Family Spot Triangular-shaped UFO
Alleged Alien Entities Hover Near ISS
UFO: Orange Lights Seen over Woodstock, ON
Possible Alien Base Entrance Discovered in Argentina
Peruvian Workers Face Alleged Alien Creature
White Oval-shaped UFO Surprises Two Tampa Citizens
Alleged UFO Seen During Space X Rocket Explosion
Bubble-like UFO Hovered Above Clearwater, FL
Family Spot Grey UFO Over Yorkshire, England
UFO: Orb Photographed At a Parking Lot in King City, Ontario
UFO: Alien Archontic Triangle Sighted Over Texas
Alien Object Sighted With Lightning Bolt Over Blythe, California
UFO: Three Orange Lights Jumped Outer Space in London, Ontario
UFO: Two Cigar-shaped Objects Spotted in Nanoose Bay, British Columbia
UFO: Morphing Burning Fireball Craft Sighted In Vancouver, British Columbia
UFO History: John Lennon Had UFO Encounter in 1974
Glowing UFO Tries to Escape Detection near International Space Station
UFO: Two Bright Star-Like Objects Spotted In Toronto, Ontario
Alien Entity: Red-Orange Object Spotted On Northwest London Skies
UFO: Spherical Bright Blue Object Spotted In Georgetown, Ontario
UFO Follows Texas Resident's Car
Triangle-shaped UFO Formation Seen Over Texas
UFO: Alien Object Photographed by Hollywood Actress Rowan Blanchard
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