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UFO: Three Glowing Star-Like Objects Noticed In Jasper, Alberta
Star-like UFO Spotted in Edmonton, Alberta
UFO: Bright Reddish light Spotted in Mississauga Skies
UFO: Bright Light Spotted From the Horizons of Nova Scotia, Canada
British Policeman Claims To Have Been Abducted By Aliens After UFO Stalked Him
UFO: Kidney Shape Orb Sinks In Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada
White UFO Spotted within the clouds of Sudbury, Ontario
Regressive Aliens Abduct Idaho Woman
Are Alien Buildings on the Moon?
UFO: Cloud Formation Over New York Suggests Alien Manipulation
UFO: Two Jet-like Objects Spotted Moving in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia
57 Alien Races Known Suggest American Scholar
UFO: Alien Activity Over Paris Terrifies Paris Couple
Manipulative Aliens Linked to Imminent New World Order - Are Clones Coordinating an Invasion?
Oval UFO Spotted in Mississauga, Ontario
Manipulative Aliens Abduct Idaho Woman
UFO: Red Alien Entity Interferes With Man's Breathing in Sudbury
Alien Archons: Do Photos Prove Time Travel?
Alien Activity Seen Over Laurentian Mountains Quebec, Canada
Alien Appears in Wisconsin Kitchen
Aliens: Tall Humanoid Creature Presented Itself as God
Alien Appears On Video in Glendale, Ohio
UFO: Flying Hot Dog Shaped Alien Shocks Witnesses in Hendersonville, TN
Massive Alien Activity Reported Over Laurie, Missouri
Belgium Witness Reported Human-like Aliens in Spacecraft (1980)
UFO: Flying Alien Object In Manhattan Coincides With Bruised Human
UFO: White Arc Spotted Near Sunset in Ottawa, Canada
Alien's Head Reported Peering From Bush in Hamilton, Ontario
Alien Reported on Video in Glendale, Ohio
UFO: Bright Object Spotted Flying past the Moon in Ontario, Canada
UFO Glowing Orb with Flaming Wings, Hovered and Disappeared in Prince George, British Columbia
UFO: Two Star-Like Orange Objects Spotted in the Sky in Sudbury, Ontario
UFO: 3 Red Triangles Spotted in the Skies of Chatham-Kent, Ontario
Hot Dog Alien Frightens Witnesses in Hendersonville, Tennessee
UFO: Bright Object Teasing Jet Spotted in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada
UFO: Abnormally Bright Light Spotted Heading East Over Kemptville, Ontario
UFO: Hovering Orb of Light Spotted Witnessed Over Ohsweken, Ontario
Witness Videotapes Three Sphere UFO Forming Triangle
Washington Witness Photographs Sphere UFO
Florida Witness Captures UFO on Photo
Pennsylvania Witness Says UFO Changed Shape
Oregon UFO Distorts Air Crossing Property at Four Feet
V-Shaped UFOs Reported Hovering Over Memphis Highway, Tennessee
UFO: Orange Alien Orbs Spotted Over Sudbury, Ontario
Two UFOs Videotaped Over Seattle
Two Triangle UFOs Spotted at New Jersey Tree Top Level
UFO Cover-Up Linked to Systemic Global Problems -- Global Warming, Terrorism, Rich and Poor Gap
UFO: Alien Spacecraft Activity Scares Toronto Resident
UFO: Alien Activity Witnessed Over Ottawa-Gatineau
Maine Video, UFO or Drone?
UFO: Hovering Disc Spotted Over I-60 in Mesa, Arizona
UFO: Miami Airport Workers Witness Blue Distortion Behind Alien Object
UFO: Photographer Spots Cloaked Flying Alien Object Over Philadelphia
UFO: Alleged Underwater Alien Base Reported Near Venezuela
UFO Over Las Vegas Alleged to be Chinese Rocket
UFO Shown Over Newcastle, England
Lake Champlain Boater Describes UFO Emitting Objects to Ground Level
Tennessee Witness Says UFO Looked Like ‘Living Creature’
Oval UFO Low Flying Over Connecticut Harbour
Arkansas Witness Details Low Flying UFO
Alien Object Buzzes By Passenger Jet
UFO: Alien Orb Fleet Flies Over Mexican City
Alien City Found Under California Through Google Map
Dubai Witness Photographs UFO over Workplace
Alien Body Snatching Evidence Mounts in Ottawa Suburb
Triangle UFO Videotaped Low Over Virginia
UFO: NORAD Dispatches CF-18 Fighter Jets Over Ottawa Airport Against Drone
Zigzagging Alien Spacecraft Emits Weird Noise Over Grand Valley, Ontario
Alien Orb Scares New Brunswick, Canada Witness
Fast Moving Alien Object Over Calgary Evades Human Eye
Glowing White UFO Shoots Across Mississauga, Ontario
Alien Skull Found in Denmark's Sealand Island
UFO: Alien Light Shoots Across New Brunswick and PEI
Alien Hexagon Floats Over Saint Catherines
Black Triangle UFO Follows Langford, BC Resident Near Shopping Plaza
UFO Witnessed Over New York
Alleged Alien Fairy Captured in Mexico
Mistaken for a banner, UFO spotted by New York Motorists
UFO Witnessed Over New York
Big Bang Lie: Could Solar System Be Alien Fish Bowl?
Manipulative Aliens Operate Through Elite Cliques
Manipulative Aliens Hide Humanity's True Origins Through Propaganda
Solar System Reflects Alien Control and Domination
UFO: Shanghai Residents Watch Alien Spacecraft for 10 Hours
Video Captures UFO Moving Too Fast For Human Eye
Manipulative Extraterrestrials linked to disappearing Chinese village
10 Things Aliens Would Love if They Visited Earth
UFO Orbs Descends Over Hollywood, California
UFO: Bright Orb Witnessed Over Washington D.C.
Triangle UFO Witnessed Over Britain in Broad Daylight
Alien Spacecraft Witnessed Using Laser Light in Arizona
UFO Hauled Down Highway Almost Hits Overpass
Alien Activities Upset Iowa Resident
Alien Entities Seen Near Starbucks in Arkansas
UFO Witnessed Over Albany, Georgia
Aliens May Have Abducted Kansas Resident Through Dream State
Possible Alien Probe Spotted in California
UFO Activity Over Colorado Makes Dog Sick
Alien Activity Reported Over Arizona
Multiple UFOs Witnessed Over Iowa
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