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Alien Sightings Soar in Countryside Say Author - Linked to Take Over Agenda and Mind Control
Aliens: Maple Leaf-shaped Object Spotted On Mars Surface
Bizarre UFOs Spotted Over The Great Pyramids
Aliens: Resident of West Columbia, SC Talks of Multiple Encounters
Planet X Nibiru Found on Google Sky Map
Transparent Alien Entities Photographed in Ross County, Ohio
Multi Colour UFO With Alien Entity Observed In Kansas City
Alien Entity Photographed in Brooksville, FL
Two Oval-shaped UFOs Hover Over George Town, Malaysia
Alien-related XIX Century Locomotives Found In The Ocean Near New Jersey
Chilean Citizen Photographs Alien Entity In Park
Triangle-shaped UFO Seen Over Elizabeth City, NC
UFO Over Birmingham Park
UFO Activity Near U.S. Air Force Base Scares Virginia Witness
Grey Alien Linked to Home Invasion in Texas
UFO Exits Volcano Suggests Aliens Underground
Alien Entity Disguises As Jet Over England
Alien Entity Contacts British Resident In Stockton on Tees, UK
UFO Destroyed a Chemtrail over Paris, France
UFO Hit by Air Missile, Crashes to Surface in Saudi Arabia
Aliens: China Signs $100 Million Deal with FAST, World's Largest Radio Telescope
UFO: Star Trek Link Borg Cubes Hover Around Sun
Siren, Wisconsin Resident Reports Alien Home Invasion - Ape-Like Being in Silver Suit
Oregon: Alien Makes Contact Through Dreams - Wants Sex
Aliens: Michigan Resident Reports Reptilian Entity, Rings and Helicopter Activity
Australian Ufologists Summon UFO In Melbourne
Aliens Linked To Sheep Incident in British Field
Former US Air Force Woman Claims Aliens Raped Her on the Moon
Man Communicates With Aliens and Controls Alien Orbs
Wikileaks: Former Blink 182 Vocalist Emailed John Podesta About UFOs
UFO: Metallic Orb Hovers Over Hill Walkers In Ljuboten Peak, Kosovo
Camera Drone Captures UFO Over Hasse Lake, Alberta.
Chris Rutkowski: UFO Issue Is Worth Scientific Study
Wikileaks: United Nations Investigate UFO Phenomenon
UFO: Iraqi Minister Of Transportation Says The First Airport Was Built 5,000 Years Ago
Resident of Virginia Recalls Sighting Angel-like Alien Being
66-year-old Man Captures Glowing UFO In Castleford, England
Flying-saucer Shaped UFO Hovers Over Waikane, HI
Blonde Alien Kids Scare Witnesses in California
Bright UFOs Hover Over Phoenix, AZ
UFO Plunges Into The Ocean In Puerto Rico
UFO Appears Over The Scene Of An Accident in Monclova, Mexico
Glowing UFO Emerges From Cloud In Waco, TX
Russian President Vladimir Putin Will Tell The Truth About Planet Nibiru
Rosetta Probe Spots Giant UFO Flying Around Asteroid
Ancient Alien Walled City Found On Mars
Bright Triangle-shaped UFO Hovers Over Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
UFO: Dark Circular Object Appears Over Geneva, Switzerland
Shape-shifting UFOs Witnessed Over Canton, GA
Aliens: Bright Lights Appear Over Athens, GA
Square-shaped UFO Seen In Warner Robins, GA
Bright Coloured UFO Hovers Over Florida, US
V-shaped UFO Seen In Littleton, CO
UFO: White Orb Destroys Chemtrail Over Paris, France
UFO: Five Metallic Objects Fly Over Superior, CO
Dark Triangle-shaped UFO Seen in Ellicott, CO
Bright UFO Caught On CCTV In Bolton, England
Manipulative Aliens Pursue Abduction and Human Cloning Agenda
Glowing UFO Hovers Over Residential Area In Moscow, Russia
Alien Abduction Caught On Tape
Triangle UFO Hovers Over Broomfield, CO
Aliens Suspected to be Hiding behind Jupiter
Lightning hits a UFO in Corsica, France
White UFO Seen Over West Virginia
UFO: Blinking Red/Blue Light Seen In Marietta, Ohio
UFO: Black Triangle-shaped Object Seen In Telford, UK
UFO: Strange Lights Seen At Sundown in Edmonton, Alberta
Bright UFO Witnessed Over Franklin Springs, GA
Silver UFO Photographed In Radcliffe, UK
Square-shaped UFO Hovers Over Azle, TX
UFO: Triangle Formation Hovers Over Swindon, UK
Alien Enthusiast Complains of Being Threatened by Alleged U.S. Federal Agent
UFO: Shape-shifting Alien Object Spotted in Idaho
Aliens: Blue UFO Seen In Spokane, WA
UFO: Two Objects Observed Moving In Markdale, Ontario
UFO: Three Lights with Triangular Outline Spotted Moving In Calgary, Alberta
UFO: Two Strange Objects Spotted Moving In Stoney Creek, Ontario
UFO: Object with Moving Lights Spotted In Gatineau, Quebec
UFO: Reflective Triangular Object Spotted In Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia
UFO: Triangle Formation Seen Over Philadelphia, PA
UFO: Pointed Symmetrical Disc Emitting Lights and Flashes Spotted In Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Are Aliens Mutilating Cattle To Create Hybrid Beings?
UFO Spotted Moving Fast Past a Plane in Calgary, Alberta
UFO: A Blue Oval shaped-Object Spotted in Ontario, Canada
White UFO Intercepted By U.S Army Helicopters
Round Glowing Orb Photographed Over Hammond, Ontario
White Orb-like Object Seen Over O'Fallon, MO
UFO: Alien mothership with a scout ship sighted over New York
Jellyfish UFO Appears In Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Cloning: Alien Encounter Reveals Human Blood Extracted From Abductions to Create Hybrids
UFO Hovers Over Mountains Near Banff, British Columbia
UFO Spotted in Hamilton, Ontario
Aliens: Blinking Light Seen Over Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
UFO: White Orb Hovers Over Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
UFO: Brilliant Object Appears Over Fort McMurray, Alberta
Alien-like Figure Appears During 9/11 Tribute.
UFO: Oval Craft Spotted Flying below the Clouds in Toronto, Ontario
UFO: Red and White Light Spotted Flashing in the Skies of Jasper, Alberta
UFO: Red, Orange Glowing Orbs Spotted In Innisfil, Ontario
Aliens: Glowing Objects Spotted Flying in Didsbury, Alberta
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