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Food and Restaurants

Product Review: Amy's Vegetarian Baked Beans

Posted on 11 June 2018

I was in much anticipation of trying Amy's Vegetarian Baked Beans.  I'm a great fan of baked beans and look forward to them especially during the Spring cabane à sucre / Maple Sugar Shack Season.  However, on my rating scale I would give these baked beans only a 1.5 out of 5.

In my view, these baked beans are not the more flavourful I have had.  Overall, these beans were rat ...

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Toronto's Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

Posted on 20 April 2018

I seek to provide my readers with what in my view are the best restos, bakeries and other "foodie" options in Ottawa, Toronto and other places that I visit.  This week I stumbled across that is most definitely the best gluten-free chocolate chip cookie I ever had.

I'm supposed to be gluten-free in my diet, and I have had a lot of terrible to mediocre at best gluten free des ...

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How to Make Frozen Yogurt

Posted on 10 March 2018

Making frozen yogurt isn’t particularly difficult, at least if you’re adamant about preparing it at home instead of spending eight dollars or more at a store. As you might know by now, frozen yogurt is just another type of dessert that resembles ice cream with the difference that it contains yogurt instead of milk.

There are two main ways you can make your frozen yogurt at home. One of ...

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Ottawa's Best Date Squares are at the Farmer's Market

Posted on 21 July 2017

Are you a fan on date squares?  Are you also a great food lover.  Well, let me tell you where to find the best date squares in the city.  Look no further than Yummy Cookies at the Farmer's Market.

Yummy Cookies brings two critical components of a delicious date square.  Firstly, very fresh and flavourful dates, as if they were organic.  Not the so so or bland ...

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Loblaws: President's Choice New Chicken and Rib Barbecue Sauce - Reviews

Posted on 17 July 2017

Here's my review on a Loblwas product.  President's Choice 'Gourmet Chicken & Rib Sauce' has been my go-to all time favourite barbecue sauce for years.  It has been simply a flavourful delicious sauce without the so-called “natural flavour” chemical after taste of so many other barbecue sauces on the market.  Needless to say I became shocked several weeks ago when my favouri ...

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Ottawa's Whole Foods Fruits & Vegetables Freshness Gets Lowest Grade

Posted on 15 April 2017

I seek to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  That's why I'm always doing cross-comparisons on fruit & vegetables in Ottawa's supermarkets.  During the summer, I try to shop for as many fruits & vegetables as I can from local farmers.  I buy direct from farms or go to local farmers' markets.  My favourite is the one at Lansdowne Park.

This also happens to be the area wh ...

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Ottawa Restaurants Can Seek Marketing Support from New Service

Posted on 25 October 2016

Are you a restaurant owner operating in Ottawa? Do you seek to promote your restaurant in order to boost how people patronize your restaurant? Well, there is good news for you as the has introduced its authentic service of helping to promote the various services being offered by restaurants all over the length and breadth of Ottawa. The simply he ...

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Ottawa Singles Get Together This Thursday Downtown

Posted on 20 October 2016

In an era where social media apps are all over the internet, it still remains a mystery why people find it very difficult to meet up with other people in order to socialize. There are lots of people who would so much love to meet up with others over a delicious meal. This is something that a lot of agencies have tried to provide for people but have always fallen short. However, there is an online ...

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No-bake Peanut Butter Bark a Sweet Seasonal Treat

Posted on 11 October 2016

(NC) There's no pairing that can rival the deliciousness of peanut butter and chocolate. Decadent as the classic duo, you can shake things up by trying one of the many flavourful variations for this bark. Peanut Butter Swirled Chocolate Bark Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 5 minutes Refrigeration time: 1 hour Makes: 12 servings Ingredients: • 6 oz (170 g) bittersweet ...

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Prepare a Timeless Holiday Classic Everyone Loves

Posted on 11 October 2016

(NC) An old-fashioned family favourite, this peanut brittle is bound to become a tradition in your household. This recipe makes homemade candy simple and delicious. Just be sure to watch the pot and keep organized, as brittle can go from perfect to burnt quickly. Classic Peanut Brittle Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Makes: 12 servings Ingredients: • 3/4 tsp ...