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Government Hypocrisy on Kyoto: Made in Canada Cars Repressed

by The Canadian Editorial Staff

Avro Arrow and Dynasty Cars
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Governments in Canada have professed a commitment to substantively reducing smog in Canadian cities, and redressing vital Global Warming problems. To help corroborate this claim, these governments will make reference to Canada's approval of the Kyoto Protocol. The problem is that the parliamentary approval of the Kyoto Protocol appears to be little more that a public relations gesture, to Canadians and to the world. A profound example of this apparent government hypocrisy is on-going government restrictions that are being arbitrarily imposed against the licensing, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative environment-saving electric vehicles in Canada.

Canadian Electric Car

The Dynasty Car is an actual made-in-Canada created and manufactured car. This auto manufacturer, (that most Canadians have probably never heard of), is being restricted from selling its sedans in Canada, outside of British Columbia. Apparently, Canadians east of the Rockies are not being allowed to purchase and drive Dynasty's and other such electrically powered sedans. However, Americans in thirty-five states in the United States can purchase and buy this zero-emission car Canadian-inspired technology. Meanwhile, government in Canada has provided legislative and financial support to American-based automobile manufacturers, that are distributing fossil-fuelled cars which are wrecking pollution and Global Warming havoc on our environment.

Dynasty Electric Car Corporation designs, manufactures and markets zero emission multi-purpose sedans. These cars have been currently restricted to a 'Low Speed Vehicles' (LSV's) classification, by those governments which have approved such electric vehicles for use.

Canadian Electric Car

In so doing, such vehicles are being conveniently restricted from competing against gas-guzzling, fossil fuel burning and environment-destroying cars, that are being made in Ontario under the Auto Pact legislation. Such artificially imposed restrictions, demonstrates that the lack of the availability of environmentally sensitized electric cars for "mass-market consumption", in fact, has to do with the political choices of governments, rather than technological problems.

Dynasty's head office and manufacturing facility is located in Delta, B.C. Dynasty began the design of the 'IT' line of electric LSV's in the fall of 1999, and produced the first Sedan model in April of 2001. The market for electric LSV's was validated in 1998 when the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) created a new class of motor vehicle, the LSV. Currently, 35 states have passed legislation accepting the NHTSA ruling on LSV's, allowing vehicles to be driven on roads with a 60 kilometres per hour or less imposed speed limit.

The IT line of electric vehicles are distinctive because of their innovative styling and advanced engineering design. Optional packages including an enclosed driver compartment, heat and demist will address market needs well beyond the scope of existing products.

'IT' is Innovative Transportation. A smart choice for prospective car buyers seeking "made in Canada" quiet, agile, versatile, reliable, clean-running, vehicles. This zero-emission electric vehicle has low operating and maintenance expenses!

The Dynasty project has evolved as a result of the vision of a Canadian team of experienced business professionals, automotive designers, engineering and production specialists intent on meeting an international demand for the product.

Government in Canada should learn the lesson of the destruction of Canada Avro Arrow project. The Avro Arrow was a made-in-Canada aeroplane created in the late 1950's, and which was decades further advanced than any American military aircraft at that time. The destruction of the Avro Arrow destroyed the prospective development of Canada as the global technological leader, in aerospace technology. The adoption of the Avro Arrow programme by government in Canada during the Diefenbaker government in the 1950's would have made Canada ahead of the Americans, the British, and the Russians in aerospace technology, and in other research related areas.

If the Government of Canada invested legislative and funding support into such Canadian innovation that corresponded with its historical support to U.S. auto manufacturers like Chrysler, then Canada would be able to have a dynamic and truly made-in-Canada auto industry.

The Government of France has invested in such transportation-related technology. Why not Canada? Many decent paying and environmentally-friendly jobs could be created in the process of supporting the creation of technology that would demonstrate a substantive commitment to expediting the Kyoto Protocol.

Leadership by government in such an "Avro Arrow-inspired project" would prospectively lead to the availability of such Canadian sedans. The availability of such truly Canadian automobiles would help save many lives and the environment that we vitally depend upon for our quality-of-survival.

The apparent governmental frustration of the evolution of a flourishing electric car industry in Canada demonstrates how the prevailing caplitalistocracy, can conspire to frustrate quality-of-living-related considerations, in order to support the greed-driven commercial objectives.

Capitalism is Not Democracy, ISBN: 1894934636, Quality-of-Living and Human Development, ISBN: 1897036353, and Quantuum Economics: Wage Slavery of the Quality-of-life? Choices in the "New Economy", ISBN: 1894839609.
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