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People-driven economy offers strong alternative to capitalism's problems

by Horace Carby-Samuels

Capitalist doctrine has promoted a civilization where persons are socialized to live their lives by primarily chasing after money and financial-equivalent results. However, humans are essentially mind-guided entities who are intuitively aware of their latent cosmic-linked Consciousness. Addtionally, the fiduciary currency which capitalism is conditioning humans to chase, has been a relatively recent convenience that has been created to accompany human civilization.

Meanwhile, as the human brain and our physical structure evolved, humans developed awareness of a number of critical dispositions, which capitalist doctrine and its supporting apparachnicks is busy trying to get us to overlook. Humans recognized their mortality, at the same time that they framed a latent awareness that they shared in a cosmic linkage, (which essentially led them to construe and to execute burial rituals).

Additionally, as humans began to develop technology, they also began to formulate concepts about their quality-of-living; and about how their own living could be advanced. Humans therefore began to see their living as exercises in how they are able to manage the commitment and the allocation of the time (for living) that became available to them. Humans therefore began to economize on the allocation of their time for living, long before the invention and the usage of any other sort of currency.

Humans as mind-guided entities, have therefore historically set out to budget, to categorize, and to evaluate (appraise) the returns from the allocation (commitment) of their time. In his book Principles of Economics, which was first published in 1890, the neo-classical English economist Alfred Marshall explicitly recognized that humans draw on this intuitive principle of ranking in living-centred terms, the different yields from how and where their time for living had been committed.

In recognition that living, was the substantive operation that humans saw at hand, Marshall stressed that persons changed jobs on the basis of their judgments as to how their real income would change, rather than how their money income would change.

Clearly, when Marshall drew attention to the latent historical presence of the real economy, that was critical.

In particular, Marshall was pointing out that conscious, mind-guided persons, had targets in respect of the quality of their existence, that they used to judge how effective their time ommiments had been.

In contrast, proponents of the capitlist doctrine do not make what happens to people, their priority. Instead, they emphasize the money economy. However, the money economy, which capitalist doctrine emphasizes, was a manifestation of society, which was developed much later, after societies developed fiduciary currencies, to counteract the quantity and other limitations of commodity currencies.

Meanwhile, historically, by virtue of their ideological commitment to focus only on monetary-equivalent transactions, capitalist economists (such as Milton Friedman) have downplayed the presence of the real economy. They argue that, the real income (to which Alfred Marshall had alluded), is no more than the monetary income of persons, which they have [implicitly statistically] adjusted, for changes in the price levels which [they may expect to] occur as a result of inflation. Accordingly, that misperception by capitalist doctrine, is therefore being fed to us in the statistical reports that Western governments provide.

Capitalism does not emphasize persons, as being consumers of their time for living. It also does not emphasize them as being managers of that time, toward maximizing their opportunities to achieve Human Development. Therefore, proponents and supporters of capitalist doctrine, do not countenance the presence of the real (living-centred) economy out of which Marshall’s comment had come.

However, the ancient Gnostics had warned us about the presence of a hostile, predatory, alien consciousness (such as that which is now behind the promotion of capitalist doctrine), which is living among us in various masquerades. They pointed out that the aim of this predatory consciousness is to capture and to manipulate the evolutionary potential and the soul of humans. Accordingly, the hostile alien consciousness (behind capitalist doctrine), aims to use a human focus on monetary results, to befuddle and to distract humans.

This latent , hostile, and predatory alien consciousness behind capitalist doctrine, aims to distract the latent Consciousness which humans have of their cosmic linkages; and thereby aims to destroy human existential sensibilities.

By means of formal and informal programs of education and socialization, the capitalist doctrine is being used to steer us away from either being aware of, from contemplating, or from pursuing, an action-linked evolution of our Consciousness. Instead, the capitalist socialization emphasizes how our actions can be linked to the enhanced private acquisition of financial-equivalent wealth.

In the name of science and the scientific method, the capitalist doctrine promotes a civilization where persons are conditioned to primarily and overwhelmingly pursue the enhanced acquisition of money, (which they may then spend in profit-supportive trade). The system of governance in societies that have been conditioned to operate under the guidance and under the recognition patterns of capitalist doctrine, therefore promotes the generation of financial balance sheet results, (and so measures economic performance).

Living is about Trade and Exchange

Quality-of-living is about what we get in exchange for committing our time. Therefore, although the usefulness and convenience of money in commercial trading operations cannot be gainsayed, our latent awareness of the historical presence of the real economy, leads us to recognize some critical existential facts. Chief of these is the fact that it is the presence of the real economy, (in the form of the mix of opportunities among which we may commit our time), together with the understanding that we form as to what living is all about, that enables us to decypher the quality-of-living which we have.

Accordingly, we may not allow ourselves to forget that, notwithstanding the capitalist emphasis on monetary results, an economy is not about the monetary value of prevailing trade and exchange. Rather, it is about the pattern of outcomes which arise, in association with the time and effort management operations of the people who make up a society.

In particular, an economy (of any sort), shows the living-related results, that have been forthcoming from the productive participation of collectives of persons. who together contribute to the mixes of products and services which comprise the real economic data.

These participating persons should be seen as coping with their environment, while they are at the same time aiming to give content and meaningfulness to their respective decisions to remain alive. We therefore need to move our understanding of our reality, away from the money-chasing civilization into which the capitalist socialization has systematically set out to condition us.

As Conscious mind-guided persons, our alternative is to focus on the sense of being, toward which our historical and latent awareness of the real economy (in which our historical commitment to survival via time use management), has so far nurtured us. Therefore, ,to appraise prevailing economic performance, we need to look at the pattern of survival benefits that humans secure, as they aim to enhance the effectiveness of how they are able to commit their time for living.

An economic performance appraisal context which is consistent with this type of time-use recognition, was elaborated by Horace Carby-Samuels (2006) ; Ottawa, Canada, (Agora Cosmopolitan Publishing, ISBN1897036 Quality-of-Living and Human Development as the Outcome from Economic Progress353). He elaborated that, toward achieving the patterns which frame the quality-of-living that arises in the real economy, and that also lead to the achievement of Human Development, there are three types of not mutually exclusive time-use management activities among which persons allocate their efforts.

These critical indicative time-use activities of persons comprise their (a) Subsistence-Securing operations; (b) Meaning-Search operations; and ( c) Rest and Recreational operations. As a result, governments that aim to service the real economy, will need to ensure that their economic development commitments will enable persons to secure access to (at least minimum) targetted levels of these mixes of critical living-supportive services.

Additionally, mindful that persons aim to give meaning to their decision to reject suicide (and remain alive), economic development programming that aims to service the real economy, must foster and must also complement knowledge-acquisition by the members of the society.

Governments therefore have the responsibility to see to it that barriers are not placed on information transference (as persons aim to understand and to cope with their natural environment, and its laws of autonomous evolution). Finally, governments will need to recognize that in the real economy, persons also seek to have at least some customary amount of time for rest and recreation.

Prevailing Economic Management Realities

Meanwhile, consistent with the capitalist oversight of the opportunities which people have to manage the allocation of their time, reports about the economic downturn of 2008-2009, concentrated on what the money economy showed. Circumstances regarding the real economy, and about how the quality-of-living of the members of the society could be enhanced, were essentially ignored. However, what cannot be ignored is that the recorded downturn in trade and exchange, arose from some disingenuous business operations in the banks and near-banks, that form the U. S. system of (trade-centred) financial intermediation.

True to the greed-promoting norms of the money economy, a number of these bank and near-bank agencies, in pursuit of profit results, had created a mix of questionable commercial paper “assets”. These “assets” were then sold (for profit, of course) on the world-wide market, to other financial institutions, which later found themselves holding what amounted to worthless paper.

The cascade of financial credit curtailment that then resulted in the commercial market; was also accompanied by insolvencies in the commercial banking sector.

However, notably, the “corrective” measures which governments then took, were largely all directed at propping up the commercial banking system. In the process, these governments caused their treasuries to create financial assets that were then ploughed back, as capital, into the ailing banking system, which has since then continued merrily on to generate “profit” earnings, through its speculation in commercial paper.

Like other Wesern governments, in the “corrective” economic measures regarding the 2008-2009 economic downturn, the president of the United States proposed in his Economic Reconstruction and Renewal package, no substantive remedy focus on fostering enhancement in the quality-of-living of the people who make up the society. Rather, these (western) governments were largely concerned with what the cash-equivalent volume of profitable commercial trade (largely by the banks and corporations) would show.

Their remedial focus was NOT on promoting the avilability of services that form the backbone of the real economy, (where the economic emphasis is on the types of participative efforts which are available to the persons who make up the society).

Arguably, therefore, these governments need to recognize that notwithstanding the capitalist propaganda (such as that which is offered as economic development “advice” to The President of the United States, and to western governments), an economy, is not about the changes in monetary value of trade, that the activities of corporations have generated.

An economy is about the pattern of outcomes which arise, in association with the time and effort management operations of the people who make up a society. Additionally, an economy shows the mixes of products and services, which have been forthcoming from the productive participation of the collectives of persons that operate within an environment of governance.

Meanwhile, these participating persons must be seen as coping with their environment, (while they are at the same time aiming to give content and meaningfulness to their respective decisions to remain alive). Accordingly, and in particular, an economy (of any sort), shows the living-related results from the resource management operations in which thepeople at hand participate.

Real economic performance is therefore shown by HOW the quality-of-living of the human participants (in the society at hand) has been affected. However, capitalist economic reports are not interested in those economic outcomes, in behalf of human survival, (that are shown by the opportunities of persons to enhance their quality-of living). Meanwhile, the ancient Gnostics had warned humans about the fact that a predatory alien consciousness which is operating among us under various masquerades, will advance an insidious emphasis (such as the money-centred one of capitalist doctrine) which is indifferent to fostering the quality-of-living the experience of people.

These capitalists argue that application of the scientific method, shows that this money-centred doctrine which they articulate (and also empirically apply), provides the best vehicle for understanding what constitutes revealed progress from how humans manage scarce (biologically limiting) time and their other resources.

Indeed, capitalist doctrine, uses this “scientific bogeyman arbiter”, as an excuse to ignore and to essentially downplay the living-centred aim which is behind human economic management activities. The capitalist doctrine argues net financial-equivalent gain (as the indicator of economic performance), because that happens to be the ONLY measurement context which may be also used to gauge the success of the banks, and the corporations, (whose operations and objectives, the capitalist governments aim to service).

Through programs of formal and informal education, capitalism therefore executes a pernicious socialization. In it, persons are conditioned to accept an economy as being an environment where they must go about earning money, that will thereby show (as it does for in non-mortal corporations), how successful the management of scarce resources on their their time path of survival, has been.

The capitalist socialization, therefore conditions people to seek “employment” where they are “hired” to perform as corporate “wage slaves”, who are in market competition with each other (in the cycle of financial achievement). In that socialization, people are distracted from their latent awareness of the real economy; from their mortality; and from their latent cosmic linkage (as mind-guided entities). As a result, they are not conditioned to seek out, and to execute positive participative opportunities in their personal evolution, and in that of their society.

Capitalist doctrine has therefore been used to generate, or to perpetuate among human beings, an exploitive socialization, rather than one where persons relate empathetically to each other, at the same time that they recognize their mutuality.

Additionally, by keeping the prospects for the private acquisition of money at the forefront of the awareness and interactive patterns of persons, the capitalist socialization is centred on having people chase after money. However, experience shows that the perpetuation of the money economy is a societal mode of fraternal and environmental parasitization, rather than one of mutual ennoblement.

The Adjustment Path

If citizens aim to enhance their quality-of-living attainments so as to access oppportunities for Human Development, there are specific operations into which they will need to enter. For example, they will need to require, and to also give support to those governments that begin to focus on fostering their access to those types of time-use opportunities which will lead to enhancement of (what Alfred Marshall had called) their real income; and also about which Carby-Samuels (2006) had elaborated.

Any sort of government commitment, to fostering the availability of features that lead to quality-of-life enhancement, will await citizen prompting and insistence. That is because governments will look beyond servicing the profit opportunities of the corporate sector, only after citizens begin to demand that these governments make themselves aware of the real economy which they must also service. It must also be impressed on these governments that this real economy is expressed in the mix of the time-use opportunities that are available to the persons who are contributing participants in the society.

It happens, however, that when the foregiong type of citizen input is made, governments will need to pay close attention to the structure and to the content of prevailing programs of education and socialization which they promote. In particular, these programs will need to do more than deliver mixes of “wage slaves” who will compete among each other for corporate-provided financial compensation only.

Meanwhile, under the influence of the prevailing predatory hideous alien consciousness that is behind capitalist doctrine, a capitalist-sponsored government and the educational system that it promotes, will dig their heels in to emphasize the overwhelming importance of likely financial outcomes. Such a government and its systems of formal and informal education will be unlikely to aim to foster the capability of citizens to develop the technical and environmental awareness, that will assist them to achieve opportunities for Human Development (as a bonding with their cosmic-linked human birthright).

Additionally, IF the type of economic shock which we experienced in 2008-2009 is not to be repeated, there must necessarily be also legislative reform of the privilege mix on which the commercial banking system now operates.

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