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Human belief may be at the root of any Global destruction in 2012

by Dr. John Chang

  Religions and Earth

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Are representations concerning the prospects of a Global apocalypse in 2012 an issue humanity should be taking a lot more seriously, or is it simply some kind of fear mongering by religious fundamentalists? The Hollywood film 2012 presents points to a bleak picture. Elites obtain foreknowledge of a massive environmental cataclysm. Then launches a eugenics project to handpick "favoured" groups while the rest of humanity is allowed to perish.

Pagan Gnostics based upon Dr. John Lash's research, suggests that there are two large groups pivotal to appreciating this question, and allegations of a clandestine effort to cover up the "significance" of 2012. The first group are elites who embrace a "God complex". The second group is much of the masses which are looking for "saviours" from among those who have a God complex. Dr. Lash referred to this as the "messiah-saviour" complex.

Movie 2012

Elites could very well have the power to maintain the kind of secrecy over any environmental cataclysm or apocalyptical agenda concerning 2012.

The masses who embrace the "messiah-saviour" complex accept social doctrines that are presented by elites as "truth". They are guided by their "beliefs" rather than by critical enquiry with an open mind. They react to information as sheep do to a shepherd. And, in the extent to which these groups of people observe problems, they rely on various charlatans who often use the power of persuasion to manipulate public trust. When these masses get suckered by one charlatan they seek another saviour to "save them" from the other charlatan, and therefore begin the mad cycle all over again.

No amount of evidence concerning 2012, or about the existence of alien contact with humans will be recognized as being potentially credible by a group that has been so manipulated.

Historically, elite structures from corporations and governments globally have been anointed by religious hierarchies. The result is a "God complex" among elites, which is reinforced by the acquired ability among elites to be the information gatekeepers on societal "beliefs"

Dr. John Lash's insights suggest that "belief" may be at the root of the inability of humanity to deal with questions associated with the substance of redressing apocalyptical allegations concerning 2012. But, for humanity, "belief" also seems to be standing in the way of a critical enquiry on 2012.

"Belief" can be regarded as an idea or a construct that is accepted without critical verification. Otherwise you would know. Do you know something to be valid or have you simply accepted "beliefs". For example, if someone relates to someone else about a sighting concerning an apparent alien spacecraft or seeing alien beings, a common response someone might have is: "I don't believe in aliens or UFOs." The respondent does not demonstrate an open mind in examining the validity of information, but, rather, conveys a frame of mind which relies on prejudice. In addition, belief, which may be based upon propaganda, is often taken as objective truth.

  No Evil

Elites who view themselves to be "representatives" of God on Earth could very well view 2012 as a "climaxing" "Day of Judgement", in order to intentionally carry out an apocalyptical agenda or to cover-up an impending cataclysm.

Dr. John Lash suggests that Pagan Gnostics observed Manipulative Extraterrestrials as having infiltrated elite human institutions. Pagan Gnostics viewed specifically organized religion inclusive of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as being the "doctrine of the aliens", and God as a manifestation of an artificial intelligence with a demonic consciousness.

The ability of humanity to avoid impending destruction in 2012 may be actively being repressed though an alienating "belief" system, which has been designed by elites to maintain social control over the masses.

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