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Obama administration declares "War is Peace"

  Robert Gates

by Bill Thompson

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Does the recent announcement by U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates on Iran and North Korea constitute an effort to put pressure on "rogue" nations toward a path of peace? Or rather, does this announcement constitute efforts to define some kind of "legal loop hole" on a path toward nuclear war? Is humanity being "psychologically" prepared for nuclear war? But, of course, shouldn't we all feel confident about the peaceful intentions of a "political complex" that apparently fabricated the existence of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" as a basis from launching a war against Iraq?

And, what, if anything, does this have to do with Mel Hurtig's warnings to Canadians about an apparently clandestine effort to create a "North American Union" under a military raison d'Ítre. Why, as the Centre for Research on Globalization suggests is our planet Earth being carved up into imperial military command structures?

Gates told a news conference on the release of the U.S. Nuclear Posture Review: "We essentially carve out states like Iran and North Korea, that are not in compliance with (the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty), and basically all options are on the table when it comes to countries in that category along with non-state actors who might acquire nuclear weapons."

Obama accepts the Nobel Prize

So, does "carving out" states like North Korea and Iran mean that they can be "nuked" like in a video game, with the rest of us humans spared the nuclear fallout and nuclear winter? But, surely the Obama administration must have access to some kind of giant force field that they borrowed from the U.S.S. Enterprise on "Star Trek" that they would use to protect the rest of us?

Make no mistake, nuclear bombs and weaponry in general have come a long way since they were dropped on Japan in World War II. They now have over one hundred times the devastation capability. Therefore it would be literally impossible to contain any devastating radioactive effects only to the alleged perpetrators of a so-called justifiable reason, to attack Iran, or North Korea. The whole of the Middle East would become a nuclear wasteland as a result of any nuclear attack against Iran. And since Iran is a member of an Asian equivalent of NATO, Russia and China would be obliged to respond as would NATO if France of some other NATO country were attacked.

  Shangai Cooperation Organization

China would also be obliged to respond to any attack against North Korea, because the effects of a nuclear attack on Korea would spread into China.

Any pre-emptive attack by a Superpower against Iran or North Korea for any reason, based upon UN Conventions, would arguably constitute a Crime against Humanity, based upon scientific studies. The casualties and ensuing global chaos and effects on already fragile and weakened global ecosystem would probably far exceed the whole of World War II.

Therefore, the logic therefore we seem to be hearing from the Obama administration, is that, in order to deal with a scenario of an alleged imminent threat against the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty we must "Save the world - Destroy the Planet"?

Dr. John Lash provides the following insights to shed light on the War on Terror, Environmental Distaster, and Global Manipulation:


"The cosmic battle unfolding on earth is not between good and evil, but between the "counterfeiting spirit" -- Yaldaboath and the Archons...

Consistent with Gnostic analysis, the global masterminds would be expected to use Archontic techniques to enforce their program of deceit and control: false-flag manoevres, simulated attacks that coincide with real attacks, media substitutions promoting false values in place of genuine ones, Orwellian doublespeak, and so forth.

The heretical message of Gnosticism is an antidote to the tragedy of the prison planet. The warning about the enslavement of humanity to a false agenda is a liberating message, no matter what its source."

Haven't we as humans surely lost collective ownership of our own planet, when the few can destroy the whole planet in the blink of an eye? What possible rationale could there ever be used to justify such an act?

Nazi flag

Let's not forget that Adolf Hitler's National Socialists or "Nazis" solved Germany's economic crises while plotting 'total war'. Hitler waged war against 'the Jews' and other terrorists. The prevailing elites that the Pagan Gnostic referred to as "the archons" or 'rulers', now wage war against 'the Muslims' and other terrorists. Historians widely acknowledge that the Reichstag fire was the pretext for an anti-terrorist campaign. CNN and other media sources point to the falsified Weapons of Mass Destruction scenario.

Hitler was a hero to many during his reign. He solved an employment and economic crisis. He returned a sense of pride among the German military which had suffered a great humiliation after World War I. Indeed, his war effort against the world inclusive of the U.S. earned the great admiration and patronage of an elite, which sought to further benefit from Nazi technologies and "know how" toward the ushering ring in of a "Brave New World".

Leo Strauss who was ironically Jewish, was among the greatest eugenic sympathizers of war as "necessary" and desirable, and who came to America to inspire a new generation of leaders, who referred to themselves as "Straussians". According to Dr. Shadia Drury:

And in the midst of all the human carnage and calamity that such policies are bound to bring... the Straussian gods will be heard by those who have ears to hear it. In short, the Straussian elite makes the Grand Inquisitor look compassionate and humane in comparison.

Currently, therefore the old chichť that those who do not learn the lesson of history are doomed to repeat it, may be ŗ propos.

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