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Canadians fail miserably in responding to North American Union agenda

Edited by John Stokes

We sent out invitations this week to Canadians to send in a short editorial on their views about the North American Union (NAU) agenda. Not one Canadian has responded to this invitation.

Is this the current state of Canada in which my fellow Canadians do not care that our nationhood is being parcelled off to U.S. corporate interests? Don't blame Harper if you choose apathy as a response to his agenda; expecting someone to "save" you like Jesus.

by Sterling Banks [Excerpted Featured Retro article]

Canadian nationalism or Americanization

The average Canadian citizen does not have a sufficiently high degree of political awareness to permit any political awareness to permit any political party at the present time to enact the type of legislation, and enforce regulations that would make possible a reversal of the tread toward Americanization.

Your manifesto [pro-Canadian] speaks of "some costs and sacrifices".

In an ear when demands are made on the government by interests groups of all sizes and descriptions, from foreign students to major industries, the average Canadian does not seem prepared to say NO. Rather, he joins with them in making his own demands for higher wages, subsidies, tax exemptions and so on. There are too few Canadians today who are really prepared to tighten their own belt to secure our heritage for ourselves, far fewer for our children.

About article

This Retro article was originally published in the Toronto State, Saturday, March 21, 1970 in response to the Toronto Star's Forum on "Canadian nationalism or Americanization".

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