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Vancouver's right wing media applauds NAU agenda

by Roger Marsh, articles on LINK

Edited by Iain Mackenzie

The Vancouver Sun reports: "News this week that the Conservative government is negotiating a security perimeter with the U.S. -- in a bid to mitigate the hardship -- should come as no surprise, and be welcome for its potential to ease border congestion."

"The two countries reportedly will establish a Beyond the Border Working Group to oversee the controversial arrangement."

The Vancouver Sun further reports:

"Others fear Canadian sovereignty will be diminished or that American demands will force more restrictive immigration and refugee policies on Canada."

"But the reality is that the plan will have its limits -- no one is talking about removing border crossings."

This article could be viewed to be viewed as Conservative Party pamphlateering in behalf on apparent right wing agenda.

The truth of the matter is that the security permiter is part of an agenda to fully assimilate Canada into becoming colony of the United States in a similar strategy that Puerto Rico had become a colony. Journalists of such Business Business fronts have apparently prostituted themselves to NAU interests.

In the process, such journalism is directed at pacifying the masses as the human rights and birthright is sold out to the American political-military-industrial complex.

Internet site reference: LINK

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