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'We Are The Faces of Marriage Equality' seeks 10,000 same-sex couples - Inspiring awareness and social change

Edited by John Stokes et al.

  Your Perfect Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony

PHOTO: Above is the perfect wedding of Lise-Marie and May Liss Monsen

You've fought very hard in a hostile world to be a person who loves himself or herself enough to allow someone else to love you deeply. Celebrate that at your wedding ceremony by creating a ceremony that acknowledges that reality and also enables the community to support you and to celebrate your love.

10,000 Couples, a monthly web-based magazine highlighting committed, healthy same-sex relationships worldwide, invites gay and lesbian couples to participate in this effort.

10,000 Couples seeks 10,000 gay and lesbian couples who consider themselves to be in committed relationships, and who seek to inspire others.

The aim of 10,000 Couples is to show that these couples are inspiring role models through their lives, their commitment to each other, their families and their diverse communities in different societies. 10,000 Couples also seeks to further galvanize marriage equality.

10,000 Couples invites all individuals and couples – gay or straight – to subscribe to their online magazine. Same-sex couples are encouraged to upload their photo and couple profile to the 10,000 Inspiring Couples Gallery on the e-magazine’s site.

The Gallery was created by 10,000 Couples to recognize and to inspire gay and lesbian couples (famous or not) from around the globe who are committed to their way of living, their partners, their families, and their communities.

10,000 Couples also invites the submission of video clips by same-sex married/partnered couples, in support of a pending YouTube compilation entitled "We Are the Face of Marriage Equality."

The deadline for the submission of video clips of committed same-sex couples is 8 May 2011.

10,000 Couples was created in October 2009 as an online magazine, or e-magazine, dedicated to celebrating, affirming, and strengthening the commitment of gay and lesbian couples around the world to one another and to their relationships. Additionally, 10,000 Couples hopes to gather strength, to inspire couples still finding each other, and to provide a more accurate picture than the distorted and distorting imagery so often used to represent same-sex relationships.

The 10,000 Couples website states: "We are – and always have been – in positive, healthy, and joy-filled relationships, and it is time those images get equal attention and equal care."

In affirmation of our human rights, 10,000 Couples welcomes individuals from all communities in the United States, Canada, and abroad, to get involved regardless of their sexual orientations.

'I Am the Face of Marriage Equality' initiative invites video clip submission to the 10thousandCouples YouTube Channel:

Scheduling an interview with 10,000 Couples:

You are invited to get more information about the 10,000 Couples campaign. You can schedule an interview through Delena Wilkerson by contacting her through Agora Cosmopolitan Media Services: or by calling our toll-free interview scheduling number:

The 10,000 Couples website is: .

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