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Ozone Layer Decay Cover-Up

by the Nature Managing Editor

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The ozone layer is in a serious state of decay. Why do you think that heat radiation of the sun has been probably causing you to feel a lot hotter, and draining you this summer, more than previous summers in memory? The culprits of the prevailing environmentally dangerous ozone decay, are led by negligent policy-makers in government, internationally. These policy-makers have sold-out to various commercial interests, in a functioning 'capitalistocracy'. The culprits also include the commercial profit driven airline industry, that is operating at the forefront of precipitating ozone-layer destruction.

Ozone Layer  

Our planet's vital ozone layer, is being destroyed by the execution of a pattern of short-sighted economic activities. These activities sacrifice the quality of human survival, in favour of the profit targets of the greed-driven materialistic 'owners of capital'. The claims that the ozone layer is in a "state of recovery" or has "stabilized" from previously reported decay is apparent propaganda. This propaganda has been disseminated by the largely corporate owned mass-media. Such claims are arguably from a similar group of elite interests which had made well-documented claims that the 'Earth was flat' at one time, or that Asbestos and that smoking do not cause cancer.

Acknowledging that the ozone layer is in fact in a state of worsening decline may inspire international public pressure to reform the short-sighted activities of the 'owners of capital'. It is apparent that under the prevailing ethos of Corporate Globalization, these owners of capital, have elected to cause cataclysmic mass environmental destruction, and horrendously debilitating human suffering, including cancers, that are being created by ozone destruction.

Owners of capital who embrace their apparent "religion of capitalism", believe that human activities should be guided by "whatever makes money", and by whatever means that they can get away with, in a social Darwinistic "survival of the fittest" context. For example, Conrad Black who is the scandalized former owner of The National Post, once proudly referred to himself as a firm believer in "Dawinistic capitalism".

The timely needed protection of the ozone layer would require the replacement of the current greed-focused capitalistocratic system, with a political economy which recognizes that people depend upon the protection of the environment, for their prospective quality-of survival.

The destruction of the ozone layer is only one destructive facet to the cancer-like effect that American led 'global capitalism' is having on Human Civilization. Internationally, trans-national private enterprise interests and their clientele political elites, are guided by a prism of exploitation and an apparent self-delusional invulnerability.

Within the context of this prism, capitalistocrats are simply not prepared to act in support the critical quality-of-living interests of humanity as a whole, which vitally include ozone layer protection. The prevailing dysfunctional and delinquent capitalistic system measures economic success as results from the zealous commercial self-aggrandizement of the few, at the expense of the many. Capitalistocracy which ignores vital quality-of-living considerations, in areas which include ozone protection, is neither environmentally, nor people-focused.

Recommended Readings: Capitalism is Not Democracy by Raymond Samuels, ISBN: 1894934636; Quality of Living and Human Development, ISBN: 1897036353, or Quantuum Economics: Wage Slavery or the Quality-of-Life: Choices in "the New Economy", ISBN: 1894839609.

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