Book Self-Publishing in Toronto: Top Ten Advantages for Writers

The idea of becoming a renowned writer in the world has always been down to one main thing and that is getting the services of the best publishing agency. But that has always presented people with a lot of challenges as publishing houses are not willing and ready to gamble with a new writer. This is a situation that seeks to rectify by providing writers with the self-publishing services.

Self-publishing can be done in three main channels and they are;

1.       Individually publishing your own works

2.       Making use of the e-book medium

3.       Publishing on the basis of print on demand

Self-publishing when done with provides an individual writer or author with a lot of advantages which can never be fully realised anywhere else. These advantages are very essential to the success of every writer. Ten of the advantages of self-publishing with include the following;

·         Anything Goes: With self-publishing at, a writer gets the chance to come up with any kind of article or blog that he or she wants without any form of restriction which is just the complete opposite of what happens at the publishing houses.

·         Fast: At a writer can always be assured of getting his or her manuscript out to the general public in a matter of days. This same manuscript can take more than a year when taken to the publishing houses which leads to problems like the book becoming outdated by the time it comes out.

·         The writer retains all rights: also provides writers with the privilege of having absolute ownership of his or her manuscript. However, such ownership rights belong to the publisher when a writer decides to seek for the services of those publishing houses.

·         Printing done according to demand: Writers are also provided with the advantage of having to print a sizeable quantity of books which is not the case at the publishing houses.

·         Own every penny earned: At writers are also allowed to keep all revenue that accrue from the sale of a particular book. However, the publishing houses have a system where a small percentage of the total revenue from the sale of a book is paid to the actual writer. Secondly, a writer is also guaranteed of receiving his or her money in no time at all as compared to that of the publishing houses.

·         Longer book span on the market: In situations where writers wish to have their books online for as long as they wish, guarantees that. But with the traditional way of publishing a book, the longest duration for a book to stay up is not more than 5 months after which such a book will be removed for new ones to be placed there.

·         Freedom: also provides writers with the chance to have the freedom that they need in designing their book as they see fit. With expert advice from the staff at, a writer gets to tailor his or her book in his or her own way.

·         Not for Profit: This is one thing that makes to stand out from the rest of the publishing houses. As other publishing agencies seek to profit from the sales of a writer’s book, only aims to offer help to writers without any monetary charges.

·         Easier way of becoming a renowned writer: At a writer does not have to wait for a long period of time before getting his or her book out but at the traditional publishing houses, a book has to first be approved as worthy before getting published.

·         Accessible to all: That is the best part of as their services are provided to writers without bounds whilst with the publishing houses it is always very hard to get them especially if a writer resides in a different country.


Getting your book out there on the market has been made very easy and simple by and it is up to every writer to seek for their services in order to enjoy these advantages that have been mentioned above.


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