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As an individual who wishes to become a renowned author, it is always a good idea to go with self-publishing your own works. However, due to very little information on the topic of book self-publishing, authors are a bit hesitant when it comes to choosing that option for their books. This in the long run leads to these authors going with the traditional publishing houses and this is a way of staying in obscurity forever as a writer.

It is for this reason that, which is regarded as a pacesetter in the area of self-publishing, is organising an online course aimed at throwing more light on the topic of book self-publishing. Unlike most of the similar courses being organised both online and at certain centres where participants are made to part with huge sums of money, this one being organised by is simply free of charge. seeks to answer a lot of questions that are being asked by aspiring writers all over the world from now until the 15th day of January.

Why is this book self-publishing online course different from the others?

·         It is being organised online and would therefore make use of Skype is its main medium of interaction which means writers from all over the world can attend it

·         It is also free of charge which means that all that a writer is required to do is to get registered for free in order to participate in the course

·         All the misconceptions surrounding deciding to self-publish your project will be explained

·         It will also provide aspiring writers with the opportunity to get in touch with professionally experienced publishers

These are just a few of the benefits that a writer stands to gain by being a part of this online book self-publishing course.

In this online course, aspiring authors will be introduced to topical areas like how to register for ISBN and CIP, designing the book and how to market the book through the use of social networking sites. Another aspect that will also be highlighted during the duration of this online book self-publishing course is the professional services that are being offered by Agora Publishing to young and aspiring writers with regards to publishing their own books.

Agora Publishing happens to be one of the very few agencies that provide the best self-publishing services and they target the three principal areas of publishing which are;

·         Typesetting

·         Layout

·         Copy editing

This free online book self-publishing course is the right avenue for you as a young writer to get the much needed knowledge and exposure in order to make it big in the world of writing great pieces.

Agora Publishing has for a very long time now been providing aspiring writers with a lot of assistance in the form of its publishing services and this is another way through which it hopes to ensure that writers exposed to most the appropriate things that will make them successful.

The course is free and online but the duration is very limited so take advantage of this opportunity and acquire the tips that you need to succeed in publishing your own works. 


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