Webmasters: Book Publishers Offers 20% on New Affiliate Program

Do you have a site related to writing, books or book publishing? AgoraPublishing.com now offers webmasters a 20% commission plus potential bonuses on book self-publishing services offered to writers.

The idea of having a website that provides book related services to customers is one that has a lot of benefits to the owner of that site but there are also other people who simply use their wittiness to make profits from such sites. This they do by taking a greater percentage of the profits that are earned by such a website. Seeking for book-self publishing services is always a very profitable venture for any individual but that can only be realised when the best book self-publishing services are obtained. AgoraPublishing.com has been in the business of providing quality book-self publishing services to webmasters for some time now and this service is further being improved by offering a 20% commission and other bonuses that will accrue from the sale of the sites services.

By offering webmasters a 20% commission on its new affiliate program, AgoraPublishing.com aims to ensure that site owners get the chance to boost their revenue without necessarily having to go over their budget allocations. With AgoraPublishing.com’s new affiliate program, a particular book-related website is advertised and marketed in such a way that draws a lot of potential customers to the site which leads to an increase in revenue for the webmaster.

Your decision to create a site related to writing, books or book publishing is to generate income and as such any credible program that helps you to realise this aim should be seen as very important and necessary.

Get in touch with AgoraPublishing.com if you seek to get more information about its new affiliate program. This is a great way for webmasters of websites to boost their revenue without having to do much.


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