Create Space Can’t Compete with on Book Self-Publishing


As a writer with very limited financial resources available to you but hoping to get your book published, there is just one avenue for you to use – self-publish. However, deciding to self publish your books is not the end of your worries since there are so many agencies offering self-publishing services to writers.

There has always been providing new writers with a variety of high quality opportunities to turn their manuscripts into bestsellers. However, the emergence of another self-publishing agency by name CreateSpace has thrown a lot of dust into the eyes of unsuspecting writers thereby making it very difficult to differentiate between these two agencies. People are always known to go in for something that is cheap and as such a lot of up and coming writers have also been trapped into employing the services of CreateSpace due to its cheap fees but this is not the time to allow let a few bucks lead you to oblivion as a writer.

It should be noted that for a self-published book to become a bestseller, there are a lot of essential things that needs to be done like quality control but these things are lacking on CreateSpace and as such writers are only provided with a very basic and unattractive book which does not ensure mass marketability. Therefore in your quest to seek for assistance to self-publish your book, your best shot is always with as they provide you with certain extended services that can never ever be found on CreateSpace. Some of these unique services that Agora provides to its numerous clients include the following;

ü  Book Distribution into proper chapters

ü  Distribution of books into libraries both in Canada and all over the world

ü  Distribution of books into reputable online booksellers

ü  Book distribution to educational organizations

ü  Conduction of paid book reviews that are published on their site

ü  Setting up interviews by renowned journalists

ü  Setting up of author’s blogs and book websites

ü  YouTube video testimonials

ü  SEO and SEM for author websites


These are just a few of the quality book self-publishing services that provides to each and every one of its clients which can’t be found on CreateSpace. This goes on to prove that CreateSpace the most vital ingredient needed to make your book a bestseller which is quality control. Agora can help you produce high quality designed books with the same features as that done by a multi-billion dollar corporate trade publisher. You can visit them on their website at if you wish to find out more about what they have in store for you with regards to self-publishing your book.


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