Ottawa Writers Can Go Local on Book Self-Publishing


Ottawa writers who are seeking a high quality support for their book self-publishing project should consider as their best chance of achieving their aims and targets. With about 20 years of experience in book self-publishing which is more than CreateSpace, a writer is guaranteed mass marketability for his or her books when he or she seeks for the services of

Not all book self-publishing agencies take their time to ensure that your book meets the high standards being set by any of the multi-billion dollar books by the traditional publishing houses as most of the agencies only provide below par services at a cheaper fee. A clear example is CreateSpace which seeks to lure writers with their cheap fee strategy but always end up producing low standard books that can’t get even 50 copies sold. is one of the very few agencies that do not trade high quality for anything else. They always ensure that your book has the highest quality that it needs in order to achieve mass marketability. These can be seen in things that they do like;

·         Ensuring that your book has the best typesetting

·         Giving your book a good design

·         Ensuring the layout of your book is also of the highest standard

Distinguishing between a bestseller and a failed book has always been down to these simple but very complicated things. Therefore, as a writer based in Ottawa, you do not need to search internationally in order to get a self-publishing company to assist your book self-publishing project since is right there for you.

Book self-publishing has always been the way out for talented and gifted writers who are unable to raise such huge sums of money to get their book done by any of the corporate traditional publishing houses. However, it should also be seen that the slightest mistake that a writer commits with regards to self-publishing his or her own books can lead to the writer going into obscurity for the rest of his or her writing career. A simple mistake is always costly in self-publishing your own books and goes a long way to damage your career.

 The days of Ottawa writers having to look for internationally recognized self-publishing agencies are therefore over as offers far superior book self-publishing services than can ever be found at other sites like CreateSpace. 


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