Book Self-Publishing: Offers Many Services to Writers

> can help you produce high quality designed books with the same quality of a multi-million and billion dollar corporate trade publisher. Visit them at to find out for yourself some of the quality book self-publishing services that they have on offer for you. Topmost on the list of extended services by include the following;

·         Book Distribution into Chapters / Indigo (and the U.S and abroad) 

·         Marketing / Book Distribution into Libraries across Canada and internationally

·         Marketing / Book Distribution to Educational Organizations

·         Book Distribution to Online Booksellers

·         Business Consulting - Advice / Legal issues of setting-up own publishing company, etc

·         Dissemination of Detailed Bibliographic Data to International Online Booksellers including, Blackwells, etc 

·         Paid Book Reviews marketed / published on our Blogs 

·         Lobbying / Coordinating Interviews by Journalists

·         Radio / TV / Newspapers / Blogs 

·         Setting up Authors Blogs and Book Websites

·         SEO and Search Engine Marketing for Author Websites

·         Promotional Products for Author Signings, i.e. Cups, Aprons, T-shirts, etc 

·         YouTube video Testimonials / Social Media Marketing

·         Whiteboard Animation 

·         Bilingual and Multilingual Copy Editing - Includes French

·         Trade Publisher Quality Typesetting Management / Graphic Design

·         Video production and video editing

·         Developmental / Stylistic Editing / Peer Review in areas which include Canadian history, politics, social sciences; international relations, etc

·         Seminar Presentations on Book Self-Publishing which can also be found at 

·         Our overall book self-publishing services can be found at

The list of services that they provide for writers all over the world wishing to go with book self-publishing is endless. Each of these services has been tailored to suit the needs of each and every writer who wishes to self-publish his or her books.

Instead of having to wait on any of the recognized traditional publishing houses to get your book published, the best thing that you can do in order to come out with a book that will rock shoulders with the very best in the system is to try out the book self-publishing services on offer at


With our book self-publishing services, you are assured of getting a published book that has everything a multi-million dollar published book has but the positive side is that you do not have to spend that much in order to get your book published. Self-publish your books now by opting for our highly esteemed services and save yourself from the trouble of ending up with a badly done book.


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