Book Self-Publishing: CreateSpace Creates Problems for Writers


As a writer seeking to self-publish your books, there is one very important rule that should always guide your activities and that is – always go for the highest quality and nothing else. Self-publishing agencies like CreateSpace rather looks for affordability and quantity instead of quality control which has made bleak the writing career of many authors.

CreateSpace has been able to lure a lot of writers into its den through its cheap pricing policy. However, when their prices are put aside, every other service that they provide for your book is very basic and lacks the needed professional touch. This can be seen in a lot of self-published books from their end not being anywhere near mass marketability standards. CreateSpace, instead of making use of professional typesetting for your book like does, only make use of the custom-installed typesetting found on word processors which leads to a book becoming poorly patronised.

Another problem that CreateSpace creates for writers is that their lack of proper quality control measures always destroys an up-and-coming writer’s reputation even before he or she is able to get a single complete book out. Unlike which makes it their responsibility to ensure that your book’s typesetting, design and layout are expertly and meticulously done, CreateSpace simply ignores these very key and delicate areas.

You may have a very interestingly-themed story but when you get things like its typesetting, design and layout horribly wrong, not a single soul would ever like to read it even when it is for free. That shows quality control is always very necessary and essential to you as a writer. However, sadly enough but also the painful truth, such quality control measures cannot be found at CreateSpace. It is only at that you can obtain the best quality control measures for your book which is why you need not make the mistake of sacrificing quality for something cheap. Do not be part of those writers wallowing in one problem after the other simply because they opted for the cheap but problem-laden services of CreateSpace and allow to help you get to where you really belong in the world of writing – which is the very top.


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