eBook Publishing and Marketing: Self-Help Book Released

Are you an up-and-coming writer with a dream to get your book out as soon as possible? Have you ever been worried about how to meet the high standards of the best eBooks? Well, with the release of the self-help book titled “EBook Publishing and Marketing 101” all those problems are easily tackled in a very professional way.

Gone were the days when writers had to queue and wait for like ages just to get their manuscript published by one of the recognized publishing agencies. However, current technological advancements have paved the way for writers to easily get their books published without having to spend a lot of money or being delayed for years. A lot of people now prefer to get their manuscripts printed in an electronic format with is popularly known as an EBook. Although, it is now very simple and easier to get your book out as a writer, it should be noted whatever you publish will be scrutinized and critiqued by people. It is for this reason that you have to equip yourself with the needed information that will help you to publish EBooks that are of the highest quality.

The EBook Publishing and Marketing 101 is all that you need as a writer in order to turn your manuscript into an exceptional and high quality EBook that will get readers scrambling all over EBook-marketing sites like Kindle, BookBaby and Smashwords among others just to get a copy of your book.

With the release of this self-help book, the most essential aspects needed to ensure that your book is of the highest quality are dealt with appropriately. Some of the unique areas involved in turning your manuscript into one of the bestselling EBooks are stated below;

·         The writing process: EBook Publishing and Marketing 101 provide you with all the necessary guidelines and information that you need in order to ensure that your EBook is writing in a very professional tone.

·         Editing: One very important aspect of a published book has to do with its editing. When an EBook is not properly edited, the outcome is very terrible and always signifies the downfall of that author. However, with this self-help book you are taken through the appropriate steps with regards to getting your book properly edited to meet the standards set by the bestsellers on the market.

·         Promoting and marketing: A lot of new writers have had problems with regards to getting their published EBooks well promoted and marketed. EBook Publishing and Marketing 101 however eliminate such problems with its simple strategies which provide you with ways to better promote and market your published book.

These are just a few of the aspects that are tackled by this awesome EBook Publishing and Marketing 101 in order to make sure that you end up getting a book that meets the needs of your esteemed readers.

Unlike other similar self-help books available on the market these days, the EBook Publishing and Marketing 101 really do take you on an in-depth education which helps you to better understand all the various rubrics needed to get your EBook out to your readers. All the information and knowledge that you need, especially the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of publishing, are simplified and properly explained in this self-help book.


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