Book Self-Publishing: Top 7 Reasons to Choose Over Create Space


As a writer with a mind to self-publish your own books instead of going to any of the traditional publishing houses, you are always bound to choose between the services provided by and CreateSpace. Rather than allowing you to worry over which service to choose, the following 7 reasons will help you make a better choice faster;

Quality typesetting: For a book to meet the high standards set by the brick and mortar publishing houses, it must have its typesetting done by well trained professionals. This is something that can only be achieved with the services of and nowhere else. When a writer commits the simple mistake of coming out with a book that has low quality typesetting, the end result is very damaging and lasting.

High quality design: This is one area that comes out on top when compared to CreateSpace. At, writers are always provided books that are designed with the latest book designing tools. This is not the case when the services of CreateSpace are used by a writer. A book’s design is also a major factor that can help in determining whether that book will obtain mass marketability or not. A well designed book is the best way to entice your readers without having to spend much on advertising strategies.

Layout: The layout settings of popular word programs like MS Word are not necessary suited for book publishing which means you cannot use that to get your books published. Unlike CreateSpace, takes time to ensure that a book has the right layout in order to help you reach the expected number of copies to be sold.

Mass marketability: The aim of each and every writer has always been the same and that is to obtain mass marketability for his or her books. This is something that is well known for as all their book self-publishing services are aimed at ensuring a book’s mass marketability. Mass marketability can only be realised when a book meets the high standards of other bestsellers and with the various quality control measures put in place by, a writer can always be rest assured that his or her books will become bestsellers in no time at all which is sadly not the case with CreateSpace.

A variety of other extended book self-publishing services: also boasts of having a variety of extended book self-publishing services that makes it possible for your book to be among the best on the market. Some of these extended self-publishing services provided by are; Book Distribution into Online Stores, Paid Reviews which are posted on their site, lobbying for interviews with TV, Radio and Newspapers and many more. All these services help in ensuring that your self-published book becomes one of the bestsellers on the market. However, with CreateSpace, you only get below standard services which are a true reflection for the cheap fee that they charge.

Writer independence: Another reason why you should consider seeking for the services of rather than CreateSpace is that with, a writer is always involved with every decision that gets taken with regards to the publishing of his or her book which is not so with CreateSpace. This means that when you seek for the self-publishing services offered by, you get the chance to decide the way you want your book to be and the team of trained professionals are always around to make sure that you get the best from the choices that you have made.

Quality over quantity: CreateSpace has always boasted of having the cheapest prices on the market for writers but what good is something acquired cheaply if it cannot help you achieve your goal? It is therefore better to pay a little more in order to reach your mass marketability goals rather than going cheap and ending up in the gutters just like a lot of writers who destroyed their careers cheaply. At, you get provided with quality self-publishing services that go a long way to ensuring that you realize the maximum revenue from the sale of your book.

With these top 7 reasons, you now know why you should always choose over CreateSpace. If what you are looking for is a quality book that attains mass marketability then is way ahead of CreateSpace.


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