Appliance Repairs Means Big Business for Repair Clinic


Chris Hall, president and co-founder of Repair Clinic, leads the largest online appliance-part replacement seller in North America. The company stocks more than one million repair parts and accessories for over 150 brands. More than 2,800,000 people have made purchases with the business since its founding, making it the go-to store for home appliance parts and outdoor power equipment.

In 1999, Chris Hall started Repair Clinic with one mindset: a low-cost, high-quality service provider for its customers. Loyalty to the mindset meant Repair Clinic would withstand the challenges of a weak economy.

Hall also believed in developing warm customer relationships. Reliable customer service would not be a rare commodity within Repair Clinic--it would be the standard. Over a dining room table conversation, Hall shared his idea with Larry Beach, CEO and co-founder of Repair Clinic. Beach and Hall then proposed the idea to Josh Cohen, Mike Pierson and Jeff and Liliana Holtzman to fund and launch the venture.

Repair Clinic took its first steps by providing easy-to-understand resources to help individuals repair appliances on their own. In 2000, the website launched. What began as an idea to offer helpful resources to the public soon evolved as a main source of replacement parts for major home appliances. Exceptional customer service combined with speedy order processing and shipping made the company stand apart from competitors almost instantly.

In August 2004, inventory and staff moved to a new building in Canton, Michigan to accommodate the company's rapid growth. The company doubled its profit and inventory capacity in two years, and, by December 2006, the company reached its first milestone of one million customers nationwide. As the business gathered more growth, the company stayed true to its helpful roots by creating its own YouTube Channel with specific part-replacement videos to assist enterprising customers. Today, Repair Clinic's free videos are viewed more than 20,000 times a day. The company's main brick and mortar retail outlet in Canton, Michigan offers its clientele the opportunity to pick up products within one hour of ordering.

Repair Clinic is recognized as a trusted source for expert advice regarding appliances and outdoor power equipment maintenance and care. Consumer reports, Popular Mechanics, HGTV magazine, This Old House and Woman's Day have featured Repair Clinic's videos and products.

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