Business 4574 Views Top 5 Tips to Make Your YouTube Video Go Viral

The aspirations of almost every videographer is to see his or her video uploads go viral and become popular. Videos have also become a great way of marketing the services provided by businesses in order to increase sales and revenue. With the inception of the internet and YouTube, the idea of video marketing businesses has become more interesting and appealing. However, not all videos posted on YouTube can go viral and it is all down to certain things not being done properly. therefore provides you with these top 5 tips to make your YouTube video go viral.

Avoid complex videos: As a videographer who seeks to have your video posts going viral, it is always very necessary to make sure that you do not provide site visitors with videos that are very complex and hard to grasp the meaning. Doing that will always draw people away from your videos instead of enticing them and so it is very important that you keep your videos very simple and easy to understand. You can start by uploading a prank video and a clear example of such a video is the “Bomb Scare Prank” by Jalals.

Avoid unnecessary videos: The fact that you wish to become popular as a videographer does not mean that you should post any video on your YouTube channel. That is one way through which you can damage your reputation. Always make sure that your stick to a particular niche and provide content that is appropriate and suitable to your audience. When viewers find a lot of unnecessary videos on your channel, they tend to lose interest in it and will therefore stay away from your channel for good.

Display your humour: People are always attracted to videos that are very funny to watch. As a result, in your quest to get your YouTube video to go viral, you need to always make sure that you provide your viewers with clips that are very exciting to watch. Your ability to make use of humour in your videos will automatically endear your channel to people. People also do tend to share videos that are full of humour so make room for it in your videos and you will be surprised by how viral it will become in a short period of time.

Specialise in DIY videos: These are videos that are termed as “Do It Yourself” and their main aim is to teach videos simple and easy ways of accomplishing a particular presumed complex task. These videos tend to go viral very quickly as viewers are interested in finding out how they can do something through a video demonstration. One well known fact about viral videos on YouTube is the DIY videos happen to be among the most used keywords by users.

Make use of high quality video recording equipment: Videos that are recorded with very low quality equipment have a very low chance of going viral even when it is classified as one of the funniest videos. It is therefore very important to always make use of the best video cameras so that viewers can clearly see and get the message you are putting across.

With these top 5 tips to make your YouTube video go viral, you can be assured of no longer having to be in the dark when it comes to video blogging.


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