UN Scandal: Marcella Carby-Samuels Lies to Ottawa Court

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Is Marcella Carby-Samuels a pathological liar who has participated in the forcible confinement and oppression of her elderly Mom's rights? After a careful examination of her representation in Claim No: 15-SC-138297 presented to an Ontario Court in Ottawa, Canada, one might be forced into the conclusion that she is a pathological liar. For example, in her Statement of Defence she complained to the Court that she was not served properly and that Jarlan Terrace has not been used by her as an address for more than 20 years. Yet, she continues to keep much of her belongings there; has continued to use that Ottawa address to receive official mail including corresponding from her Ottawa-based bank accounts that she has continued to use, and most shocking, and then filed that same Jarlan Terrace Ottawa address as her place of residence in a subsequent Motion!

Marcella also claimed to the Court that Todd Ji was only a "law student" that was being used by the Plaintiff, when in fact Mr. Ji has been a fully practicing lawyer as of 2014, as confirmed by the Law Society of Upper Canada. The Canadian plans to present more of Marcella's lies in the coming days alongside that she has sought to continue her hideous oppression of the rights of Dezrin's to see her own son. Marcella has denied Dezrin's desire to see her own son. Dezrin's son whose name is Raymond was forced to take Marcella, his "sister" to court over many months of continued neglect and overall mistreatment of Dezrin by Marcella which has resulted in Dezrin now not being able to talk, walk or write.

You're invited to contact The Canadian to donate to a Legal Defence Fund in support of the affirmation of Dezrin's rights. Contact ottawa@agorapublishing.com to make a donation. Marcella has been a UN Consultant who has professed to have progressive values that are contradicted by her brutal oppression of Dezrin's rights. As if being a UN Consultant was not enough grounds to be a bit humane to her own mother, Marcella is also presently undertaking a PhD programme at the Lund University in Sweden. When these things are put together coupled with the fact that Dezrin happens to be her biological mother, then one has every right to assume and conclude that Marcella is really full of lies and hatred for human life. However, her lies will surely catch up with her just as night gives way to the dawn of a new day.


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