Greedy Lawyers Undermine Civil Rights in Canada and Elsewhere

In a world where democracy is preached every minute of the day, it is not a surprise to find out that lawyers play a very important role in majority of the things that happen. These are professionals who offer their services to others in a bid to help those people set certain records straight. However, recent happenings have left a completely sour taste in the mouths of most people. Most lawyers are now charging fees in excess of $300/hr for their services which makes it extremely very difficult for the average Canadian to seek for such support when needed. The result of such exorbitant fees being charged by most lawyers is the undermining of civil rights both in Canada and other parts of the world.

Currently, the rich in society are the ones dictating what should happen in any case that they are involved in partnership with these greedy lawyers. Almost all Canadians are proud of the accomplishment of having a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Similarly, Americans also do take pride in their Constitution likewise all western countries that profess to cherish democratic values but a look at what the average person earns leaves a lot to be desired. Most citizens in Canada do not earn that much to enable them pay such exorbitant fees charged by these greedy lawyers in court litigation. This has created a disparity between the rich and the poor as the rich always do have their way with whatever crime they commit knowing well that their victim cannot afford the services of a lawyer.

We now live in a world where the rich in society are manipulating these greedy lawyers to help them in their quest to oppress the poor in society. Lawyers who are expected to always stand for the truth are now chasing after money and the result is a society where the poor are dominated and suppressed by the rich. It is now not a strange thing to come across news articles where a lawyer has been implicated in a bribery scandal and that is all down to greed on the part of some of these lawyers.


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