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Green Party of Canada Betrays Control by Fascist Elites

Over the years, the Green Party of Canada has been coming out with a campaign message that seems to tick all the right boxes in the minds of many Canadians. However, it is very surprising that even though their campaign message has gained widespread popularity among all Canadians and other parts of the world, the Green Party of Canada itself cannot boast of being that much popular with the electorates. This begs the question of what is really the cause of a party’s campaign message becoming very popular whilst the party itself languishes in oblivion.

The simple but hard truth is that the Green Party of Canada upon all its apparent forward thinking campaign messages appears to be simply a puppeteer being controlled by elites. There are clear signals that the party has been infiltrated by elites whose main aim is to use the Greens in Canada as a token public relations face of "environmentalism". This can be seen in the Green Party of Canada’s inability to be a substantive rallying point on progressive social change In reality, they simply preach virtue but do the direct opposite.

 With the way things are panning out, it would be a very wise decision for Canadians to simply look elsewhere in their quest to find a political party that would be totally committed to addressing issues that concern Canadians. It seems that there's absolutely no way the Green Party is going to progress politically much in the near future.

Green Party leaders act as if they are simply doing the bidding of their masters to the detriment of those at the grassroots. Until the Green Party changes from its double standards, their quest to gain political power will always continue to be a mirage.


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