Alien Minds: Mother Needs Help Against Evil Her Daughter and Father Represent

The world has always had its fair share of tragedies and circumstances that threatened the very survival of the human race and they will keep on happening. Ranging from hurricanes, tsunamis to chronic diseases and illnesses, the only thing that has been able to keep the human race from extinction is empathy. Humans are known to have a very strong feeling of empathy towards one another and this is the force that drives people to help those in need. However, there recent situation involving a mother, Dezrin and her daughter, Marcella has provided the world with a reality check.

The sheer cruelty shown by Marcella towards her mother in doing everything to stop her brother from accessing help and support for her own mother has begged the question of where the world will stand if a global tragedy should occur. For a daughter to show no remorse with the way she has been treating her mom and brother goes on to prove the point that the end of the world, if nothing concrete is done, is very near. Humans can mostly be distinguished from other living things by their empathic nature which makes it possible for a person to make sacrifices that will ensure others are safe. However, when a person decides to sacrifice everything just to make another person uncomfortable just as Marcella has been doing to her mom, then such behaviour should be regarded with all the disdain that it deserves.

If a daughter is capable of committing this heinous crime against her own mother and blood whilst the immediate society watches unconcerned then there is a serious threat to every other human life. Such behaviour is very alien to living things and for that matter humans but that is the exact behaviour that Marcella and her father have decided to display. From her dad neglecting and abusing her mom continuously to Marcella herself convincing a cop friend to intimidate agencies that had decided to help her mother get access to the necessary support services that she needs -- the range of atrocities being committed by Marcella and her father can hardly be comprehended by the human mind.

The evil icing on the cake of Marcella and her dad is that they have also connived with certain people to tarnish the image of Dezrin even to the point of dubiously barring Raymond, her brother from visiting the mom.

With such outright apparent hatred for her own mother’s life, everything proves that when such people are not kept in check as soon as possible, the world is bound to become a place of chaos and human life will be of no value in the near future. Such behaviour that is alien to human nature should never ever be allowed to take root in the society but that is precisely what has happened to a mother who had nothing but pure and true love for her family.

Marcella has decided to act without empathy and conscience and it is time for the world to prove that there is still love in abundance by supporting the brother, Raymond to get her mother provided with the basic needs of life.


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