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Human Rights Petition: Help Support Abused Mom from Evil – Legal Defence Fund

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The right to life is a fundamental human right provision that is enshrined in the laws of every country. It is therefore very surprising to find out that a lot of people have decided to watch and do nothing as a poor mother is left to slowly and painfully die by her own daughter and husband after years of abuse. Children are known to show nothing but profound love for parents especially their mothers. However, that is not the case with Marcella Carby-Samuels doing everything to ensure that her mother has no one to help her.

Dezrin has been at the receiving end of one of the cruelest human acts that this world has ever known. Her own daughter and husband have teamed up and caused her a lot of pain and suffering even in her old age to the point of preventing her son, Raymond, from seeing her. The result of all those years of abuses and neglect by her daughter, husband and close relatives has left her in a very unhealthy condition as she is now disabled. Even at this point daughter and husband have still not showed any signs of relenting.

Raymond, the brother of Marcella, who has been a strong pillar in the midst of all these is therefore using this medium to appeal to all good-hearted people out there to come to the aid of his mother. This is a Fund that has been set up to raise the much needed financial assistance for Dezrin as her condition keeps on deteriorating.

This is a platform for you to show how humane you are and help save the life of this poor sick woman who has been subjected to all kinds of abuse by her daughter and husband.

Your donations will go a long way in providing Dezrin with the following;

1.       Most importantly, it will help acquire the services of a professional lawyer and human rights advocate to help her legally battle her evil daughter and husband in order to gain her freedom

2.       Provision of appropriate medical support to rectify her condition

3.       Provision of good food and shelter for her

4.       The chance to once again be with her loyal son, Raymond who has recently been barred from seeing her

All these things are aimed at ensuring that the life of a woman who has showed nothing but love and compassion for her daughter and husband is saved from being ended in a very painful and agonising way.

This is the time to make a huge and positive impact in the life of Dezrin by assisting with any donation amount that you wish to give. The world is being provided with this opportunity to stand in unity and defeat the evil that is being perpetrated by daughter and husband on Dezrin.

For those who will make donations that exceed $200, a special gift in the form of a book will be mailed directly to your address. However, any kind of donation is seen and regarded as being very essential to saving the life of this truly amazing and hardworking woman.

The links provided above can all be used in making donations towards acquiring the services of a professional human rights lawyer for Dezrin. Contribute your quota to this fund today and let the whole world know that you are for the survival of the human race.

Click the donation link and use the donation method that is suitable for you.

Thank you for your donation and helping to save the life of woman whose rights has been trampled upon for a very long time by her daughter and husband.


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