UN Consultant with Ex-Notre Dame Prof Oppress Voiceless Mother

No excuse can ever be given even when an uneducated person tramples on the very rights of another person and so it is totally unheard of when highly educated people decide to blatantly infringe on the rights of a helpless old woman.

Marcella Carby-Samuels is a PhD candidate at the Lund University in Sweden and once also worked in the capacity of UN Consultant whilst Horace Carby-Samuels was a lecturer in the Department of Economics at the Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana in the United States of America. With such educational enlightenment, one is bound to believe that Marcella and her father; Horace will better understand the need for respecting the rights of others especially the elderly. However the complete opposite is what happened as these two have done their best to ensure that the rights of Dezrin Carby-Samuels are trampled upon for as long as they live.

Although there are a lot of regulations and policies all over the world relating to the best way of treating the elderly in society, it is very worrying to find out that such policies are never enforced properly. This has led to a lot of elderly people being left in the hands of individuals with diabolic mindsets who can only conceive evil against the elderly. A dangerous trend is therefore being allowed to set in as the world watches unconcerned whilst Dezrin is held captive by her own husband and daughter. The worst part of it all is that these two so-called educated people have also been able to prevent her from even seeing her own son.

In taking a critical look at what Marcella and Horace have been doing to Dezrin, one will not be far from the answer in thinking that the lives of the elderly in the societies are not being properly protected and safeguarded. There is nothing more damaging and heartbreaking for a mother than to see her own child and husband team up to oppress her and even prevent her son from contacting her.

After toiling so hard to raise her children in the best possible way and love her husband, Dezrin has nothing to show but this painful stab in the back by Marcella and Horace. The horrific living conditions that Dezrin has been subjected to by her own daughter and husband is something that should never even be wished for an enemy and so when it is being done to a mother it should be seen as a very heinous crime. If Marcella and Horace can suppress and trample on the rights of an elderly woman who has shown nothing but untainted love and affection to her family then the end of humanity is really not far.

If the educated are able to do this whilst the world watches on without doing anything then what message is being sent to those uneducated? This is the main reason why Marcella and Horace should be made to face the full rigours of the law and also pay for all the atrocities that they have committed against Dezrin.

The importance of elderly people in society can never be overlooked which means ensuring that Dezrin is freed from the claws of these monsters is a must for each and everyone who is human.


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