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Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum Over-Prescribes Tylenol Arthritis -- Linked to Brain Damage

Doctors all over the world are seen as having the solution to almost every medical condition that people encounter in their lives. It is for this reason that the actions of Dr. Tenenbaum, a medical practitioner for a very long time now has been affiliated to the well known University of Toronto and Mount Sinai Hospital, cannot be easily understood.

Taking an overdose of a particular drug is something that is associated with people who do not have the necessary knowledge about such drugs. However, a different picture is painted when a professional doctor is behind a patient abusing a particular drug. Such occurrences are therefore often seen as having a calous regard for his or her patient losing his or her life as a result of those ill-advised doses of potentially harmful medications. This is exactly the apparent negligence that can be attributed to Dr. Tenenbaum who has subjected Dezrin Carby-Samuels to such a lack of proper treatment regime. Currently, Dezrin’s condition has drastically deteriorated to the extent that she can no longer speak or walk although she was still a super hard working able bodied woman before Dr. Tenenbaum started being her so called "primary care physician".

What is very surprising is the fact that even though a lot of Dr. Tenenbaum’s previous patients have left very damning reviews about him and how he treats his patient. Notwithstanding this,  Dezrin’s daughter Marcella Carby-Samuels who happens to be his daughter in-law, still went ahead and made him her mother’s primary physician. This goes on to show an apparent well planned attempt by Marcella Carby-Samuels to use her father in-laws lack of human empathy in her quest to completely break her mother in an apparent attempt to send her to an early grave that involved using hired dirty cops from the Ottawa Police to prevent Raymond, Dezrin's son, away from helping his own Mom.

It is apparent that Dezrin was coerced by Marcella Carby-Samuels with the support of Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum to take way more Tylenol Arthritis than she ought to have takenThis was further substantiated by the statement of Dezrin’s son, Raymond who witnessed seeing his sister Marcella bring in large bottles of Tylenol Arthritis number up to a dozen which were all prescribed by her father in-law, Dr. Tenenbaum. According to Dr. Mercola, an overdose of Tylenol Arthritis can result in a variety of health complications with the serious ones being brain damage and even death in some instances. A deeper discussion of such health complications can be found HERE.

Dr. Tenenbaum, who is Marcella’s father in-law who ought not have been been treating Dezrin in accordance with the rules guiding the conduct of doctors, has apparently teamed up with Marcella in preventing Raymond from seeing his mom. Raymond has always insisted on providing his mother with appropriate vitamin supplements and other nutritional supports which had very positive effects on his mother’s health. However, the pleas of Raymond fell on the deaf ears of Dr. Tenenbaum who went ahead to continually over prescribe Tylenol Arthritis for Dezrin along with a chronic high blood pressure causing nasal spray. The end result is the total inability of this poor woman to even speak or walk. She is now bedridden and it is all thanks to her own mischievous daughter, Marcella and Dr. Tenenbaum who has defied all medical protocols to satisfy the selfish desires of his daughter in-law.

The mere fact that Dr. Tenenbaum is still practising as a professional doctor leaves a lot to be desired. This is a man who does not have any kind of empathy for humans and therefore does not value human life and in whose hands a poor woman, who was once as energetic as a youthful person, has lost her ability to speak or walk. This is a clear indication of the world that we live in these days where some people will do everything just to defend evil deeds which can be seen in the positive reviews that colleagues of Dr. Tenenbaum left in order to overshadow the ones left by disgruntled and dissatisfied patients. Overdoing of the drug Tylenol has always left a lot of deaths in its trail which can be seen at http://www.drugwatch.com/tylenol/.

From all indications, it can be concluded that Dr. Tenenbaum prescribed Tylenol Arthrities for Dezrin in a rush instead of taking his time to properly diagnose what was wrong with her in order to find appropriate drugs for her condition.

The big question now is, “Why was Dr. Tenenbaum in such a hurry to give Tylenol Arthritis to Dezrin Carby-Samuels? Your guess is as good as mine.


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