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Alien Invades Human Baby's Space in Australia

Date: January 2016.

Place: Victoria, Australia.

Are aliens interested in our children? The answer is: "definitely yes". Last month, in the south eastern Australian city of Victoria, a  young mother called Jade Yates filmed two strange entities surrounding her little baby's cradle.

The video -which has already been shared more than 15,000 times- shows two ghost-like shadows floating around her daughter called Ruby. These shadows seem to be staring at Ruby, which caused alarm to Mrs. Yates. "Fair to say I won't be very well sleeping tonight", she stated on her Facebook account. "Who believes in ghosts? I didn't until 5 mins ago".

According to the evidence, these shadows have the classical appearance of extraterrestrial visitors: cone-shaped protuberant heads and thin bodies. Now the question is: are aliens able to change their physical constitution? People who have had close encounters with them have always affirmed that their bodies were tangible. But in this case, these aliens seem to have turned into ghostly figures. Thus, the next questions are: why do they change their appearance? And, why did they visited this little baby? We could say that they have real interest in the next generation of humans. Maybe they are determined to create a new mixed race in the coming years...

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Alien Entity Has Vested Intrest In Human Baby, Victoria, Australia, Jan 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 16, 2016

Location of sighting: Victoria, AustraliaHere we have a baby monitor video of an entity standing over the head of the baby. The entity has a tilted head, looking down at the babies face. For an alien to come to a baby, it must have some vested interest in this child. What I mean is, the child may have been implanted with knowledge or abilities beyond that of human understanding.

Its no secret that Australia is a hotbed for UFO sightings. It appears that the aliens in that region are trying to change humanity by implanting certain knowledge and skills that would one day help tilt humanities future into the direction that aliens see as more desirable.

Scott C. Waring


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A mother capturing two ghostly spirits in the cradle of her daughter as she slept A mother claims to have captured the disturbing moment when two "ghostly spirits" interacted with her daughter as she slept. Jade Yates, who lives in Barongarook, Victoria, Australia, observed through the creepy video baby monitor, where two figures seem to float above the crib notes, she shared the video on Facebook on 23 January 2016.



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