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Alien Abducts Arizona Resident

Date: January, 2016.

Place: Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

The state of Arizona is located in the southwest of the United States. Its geography is worldwide known for its desert-like lands and the mountains of the Colorado Plateau. However, in spite of this apparently wild environment, its capital, the city of Phoenix, with its 1,500,000 inhabitants is the most populous capital city of the country.

People may think that a UFO event in crowded places –like a big city- would hardly take place, but the 30th of January an anonymous testimony reported on MUFON.com could change this point of view. According to the source, the UFO was “a bright pulsating light” which “made no noise at all”.

Also, there seems to be a case of abduction. “I recall not feeling threatened while being stuck in place (...) I remember being terrified out of my mind without knowing what happened but I felt it was them (aliens)! Something happened! The next day after 1p.m I went to the store. I took my phone out and started taking pictures of people doing odd things”.

This event deserves to be investigated in depth. If the information is true, it would become one of the most notorious cases of abduction ever registered.

For further information: http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=74342&rnd=

Long Description of Sighting Report

One night I was outside talking to my dad on the phone near the pool in my town homes, as we were talking a bright pulsating light caught my eye! I began to walk towards it (I don't know why) as I got closer I stopped in my tracks near the sidewalk and a truck came around the corner near the dumpsters and it stopped in it's tracks as well! I stood there staring at this massive craft! As it made NO NOISE at all!! The red light continued to pulsating! I was stuck! I couldn't move my feet! My dad was still on the phone talking! All of a sudden I was able to move my feet! I told my dad and ran into the house to get my friend!! I screamed and told her that she needed to see this! I got her to come outside with me and by this time the truck was GONE!! And the craft was leaving she stopped and looked up at the bright lights in dear and yelled at me saying lets go!! I'm going in the house and should too!! She left and I watched it go behind the high tree's still seeing the white lights flashing and then they went steady! I ran in the house and sat down in amazement at what just happened I recall not feeling threatened while being stuck in place! But that night the dreams started coming to me! I work up crying and screaming! I remember being terrified out of my mind without knowing what happened but I felt it was them!! Something happened!! The next day after 1pm I went to the store..I took my phone out and started taking pictures of people doing odd things and what I caught is way more than I bargained for! I blew the pictures up and tried to enhance them to get a clear view of what this thing was but it didn't help! I'm the pictures you will see what appears to be an alien!!! Follwimg me, staring at me!! I'm not sure but I haven't been the same since these things have taken place!! Look at the pictures and tell me what you think! I wish someone could help me with the quality of the photos!!
Also as I blew up my other photos I took that day I see something else on the other side of the street that look like the same thing seen in picture!.I'm going through a lot...it's not everyday! But it's often!! 

I have markings on my body and what looks like 3 perfect ice cream scoop marks! I don't know what's going on.. I have a really deep feeling that they're coming back!!
Below I've tried to blow up the pictures and catch them by screenshot that I blew up! If you need more I will be more than happy to send them to you. 


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