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Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum Lacks Empathy – Ex-Patient Suggests

There has always been one thing that differentiates health workers from other fields of work and that is human empathy. Healthcare workers are always known to possess human empathy in very huge volumes to the extent that most are even willing to sacrifice their comfort in order to see a patient healthy and smiling. However, that has not been the case with Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum who with the passing of each and every single day practices the complete opposite of being empathetic to patients.

Numerous negative reviews by his patients, which can be found on RateMDS.com, all point to the sad fact that the well-being of humans and human life in general are valueless in his sight. One ex-patient wrote this, “Empathy is important and totally necessary when dealing with very sick people. However, Dr. Tenenbaum does not know what that word means.” This goes to prove that Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum really lacks that very essential component which makes all health workers and especially physicians very different from other people – human empathy.

It is this very same lack of human empathy on the part of Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum that has led to a once energetic and healthy old woman now being totally helpless and even unable to speak or walk. This woman by name Dezrin Carby-Samuels has sadly tasted the wickedness of Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum and his lack of value for human life.

For anyone who is suffering from a certain ailment, one factor that really helps in that person’s speedy recovery is the love and care displayed by the physician and so it is very grave to find a physician who really rejoices when his patients are suffering. That behaviour is very inhumane and is never even put on display by the least of creatures in the world.

When one takes time to go through majority of the reviews posted on RateMDS.com by ex-patients of Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum, none of them is willing to recommend him to anyone and this really speaks volumes of how wicked and callous he is to his patients.


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