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Fukushima Causes Forest Genetic Mutations

Time, they say, really flies since it was not long ago that the whole world populace was shaken at its very foundations due to the explosion of the Fukushima nuclear plant reactors in Japan. This world impacting disaster left a lot of damage done to surrounding towns and villages around the nuclear plants. At the time it became necessary for an intensive evacuation exercise to be carried out on people living in areas that were considered to be contaminated by the explosion.

It has been almost five years since this horrifying disaster occurred and a lot of lives were lost then. Current reports do indicate that the place is about to be declared as decontaminated in order for people to move back to their towns and villages. However, according to a research that was carried out on the forest near Fukushima, there is really more that needs to be done in order to avert any future effect on human life. It has been found that the forest near Fukushima has been found to be showing very clear signs of genetic mutations and there is only one probable cause for this latest development – the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Explosion. Notable among the genetic mutations found include the following;

An increase in the growth of fir trees in the forest

 Pale blue grass butterflies also show some amount of mutation

Worms within the forest also do have some of their DNA destroyed

These are just a few of the genetic mutations that were found when the studies were carried out on the forest surrounding Fukushima.

This goes on to show that although the rains which have been regarded as having been able to wash away a lot of the contaminants from the surrounding villages and towns might have really worsened the case by dumping the highly toxic substances into the forest. In view of inhabitants about to be given the green light to people to move back to their homes, it is very expedient to ensure that all information given are actual facts and not presumed concepts. This is to ensure that the safety of human lives is ensured at all times in order not to bring about any preventable loss of lives.

Right now, a lot of scientists are calling for care and extreme precaution from all parties in order to see to it that no hasty conclusions are drawn from the preliminary researches conducted. According to these scientists, that will very much be like not really looking at the problem from all possible angles. It is therefore very important and necessary for more in-depth studies by professionally trained nuclear experts to find out the extent of damage caused by the Fukushima nuclear reactor explosion in order to ascertain whether there are any negative future implications for both humans and plants.

A lot of decontaminating activities have so far been carried out on most of the areas that were considered as part of the contaminated areas but as at now it still remains to be seen if those places can really be declared as healthy for humans and the environment at large.


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