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Alien Paralyses New Mexico Man

Date: March, 2016.

Place: Red River, State of New Mexico, United States.

A few days ago, in the New Mexico small village of Las Vegas, several people affirmed having observed what they thought was a saucer-shaped cloud hovering above the town. Some UFO researchers like Scott C. Waring, from UFO Sightings Daily, were of the opinion that this phenomenon consisted in “a UFO cloaked in a cloud”.

Now, on 7 March, another unusual event took place in the southern state. According to an anonymous report published on UFO specialised website MUFON.com, a Red River resident allegedly saw what he claims it was “a strange object behind me” while he was trying to get out of his car. The man affirms that the unidentified entity was “just moving back and forth slowly”.

During this encounter, “I was paralysed, unable to move, run or scream”, said the unnamed source. Soon after, “I called a cousin and she couldn't understand me not a word. She said it was as if I had water in my mouth”, states the report, “but that phone call I don't remember at all”, the witness continues.

Finally, the only thing the testifier managed to do was to sit in the car “trying to pray and breathing slow”, until “I called family to help me”, said the New Mexico state citizen.

Draw your own conclusions…

For further information: http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=75012&rnd=

Long Description of Sighting Report  

My car was high centered in a place where I could not have drove to! As I tried to get out I noticed a strange object behind me what it was I don't know! I was paralyzed unable to move run scream etc. As I slowly got back in the car I still seen it in the mirror just moveing back n forth slowly. As I was told I called a cousin an she couldn't understand me not a word. she said it was as if I had water in my mouth. But that phone call I don't remember at all.as I sat in the car trying to pray an breathing slow I thought that the object would take me I called family to help me out it took a long time but when thay arrived thay couldn't believe just I got there. 

Tell u the truth I'm scared.  


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