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Alien Seen Floating in Arizona

Date: 13 May, 2016.

Place: Morristown, State of Arizona, United States.

With only 230 people, Morristown is a small village located in the southwest of the State of Arizona, about 80 kilometres north of the city of Phoenix. Notwithstanding its size and its isolated location, the town has become a well-known milestone, since it is between U.S. Route 60 and State Route 74.

And it was precisely in this last road that on 13 May an unusual event took place.

According to a report published on UFO specialised website MUFON.com, an alleged unidentified flying object was seen by an anonymous driver. According to this person, the device would float “about 12 inches from the ground”, and its size was “about 24 inches long”.

The witness related that he was on his way home when he observed “the thing”. “[I] was driving home from work using Highway 74, East bound pass Morristown, when I saw the ‘thing’ moving forward, heading west”, he declared.

He also affirmed that, a moment later, “in a 35 degree inclination, after about 40 yards pass, I saw 2 more like swaying”. About the characteristics of the objects, he mentioned that “they were like floating, and the colour was a glowing blue”.

The three alleged crafts continued “moving west bound on Highway 74” until he lost visual contact. “I lost sight of the object because I accelerated and didn’t stop, drive away”, he declared.

“I don't believe in aliens, but this changed my perspective and opinion in the matter”, he stated.

Draw your own conclusions…

For further information: http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=76333&rnd=

Long Description of Sighting Report

Was driving home from work using Highway 74 East bound pass Morristown , when I saw the "thing" moving forward heading west. In a 35 degree inclination , after about 40 yards pass I saw 2 more like swaying . They were like floating, and the color was a glowing blue . All 3 "things" where moving west bound on Highway 74. I have feelings of disbelieve because I don't believe in"aliens" but this change my perspective and opinion in the matter, I loose sight of the object because I accelerate and didn't stop, drive away.  


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