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Canada Should Build and Not Buy Fighter Jets

Recent news making the rounds all indicate that the Canadian government is contemplating on purchasing F-35 fighter jets. This is in all entireties contrasting to the stand that was taken by the Liberals during their campaign period. At that time, the Liberals had taken a decision not to continue with the purchasing of the F-35 fighter jets. It is therefore surprising to find out that this same government that promised to implement an “Open Competition” with regards to the procurement of fighter jets for the Navy is now singing a new tune.

Canada, unlike majority of countries that are deemed as developing, has all that it needs in order to build its own fighter jets. So why then should Canada of all countries be indulging in the act of purchasing fighter jets from other countries when in actual fact it could build them?

About half a century ago, Canada designed and developed one of the fastest fighter jets named “The Avro Canada C-105 Arrow”. This was a project that was started in the 1950’s and had its first flight on the 25th of March, 1958. These jets were mainly built purposely as an interceptor for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in the future. If at that time, Canada was able to come up with such a jet, what then stops it from building its own jets now? Current conditions shows that such a project can be easily accomplished without much difficulty but historians and other critics will draw lines from the cancellation of the Avro Canada Project to prove a point that those decisions are politically influenced.

Strangely enough the Avro Canada Project was abandoned amid a lot of controversies as well qualified people felt there was something fishy about the whole cancellation. It is therefore not very surprising to find out that a lot of well-meaning Canadian citizens have raised concerns about this purchasing of the F-35 fighter jets. The main point being used by most of these critics is that when Canada is allowed to build its own fighter jets, it would directly boost the Canada’s research and development which will also help in attracting internationally skilled personnel. This was the case in the 1950’s as Canada was swarm with skilled personnel from all over the world during the design and development of the Avro Arrow C-105 before it was controversially cancelled by then Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.

This and other developments have led to bureaucrats advising the Liberals to ensure that every decision to be taken on the fighter jets has to be on the basis of requirement and not politically influenced. According to both the bureaucrats and historians, Canada is far more advanced now to undertake its own fighter jet development projects rather than relying on the purchasing of those constructed by other countries. A clear look at what is happening now with the fighter jets and what took place in the late 1950’s signifies that the decision to purchase these F-35 fighter jets are politically motivated since this is the same party that promised to cancel such a project when voted into power. However, instead of fulfilling their promise, they have rather gone back on it and are looking to proceed with the purchasing of these fighter jets.

For Canada to design and develop its own military jets will be of immense benefit to the economy than purchasing from somewhere else.


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