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Canada Should Design and Manufacture Its Own Cars

When the Government of Canada decided to bail out the Canadian auto industry that was headquartered in the United States of America in the year 2009, a lot of concerns were raised but ignored. Years later, that move has been regarded as a decision that signalled the loss of a golden opportunity for Canada to design and manufacture its own cars.

If countries like South Korea and Sweden can produce its own cars, why can’t Canada? The move by the Government of Canada to sell all of the shares that it held in auto companies like General Motors in the year 2009 was seen as a very short-sighted one by most economy analysts. At that time all that it required was a bit of foresight into what the market held for economies with auto companies. However, the Government of Canada fell short of when it mattered most and sold it shares at the first chance. A total of 3.9billion US Dollars were lost by the Canadian Government with that move then and the impact continues to be felt even after more than seven (7) years.

Whatever it was that prompted the Government of Canada to do what it did then still remains a mystery to each and every loyal citizen of Canada. Those shares that were sold by the government could have been kept according to Jerry Dias who was the Unifor President, a representative of the General Motors industry in Oshawa, St Catharines and Ingersoll it would have been used as a tool in forcing the GM to heavily invest in the auto companies in Canada. This would have paved the way for Canada to design and manufacture its own cars rather than always depending on the United States of America. Such an innovation would stimulate research and development in Canada and directly lessen the dependence of Canada on the decision-making of America’s auto industry.

Canada has everything that it needs in order to design and manufacture its own cars but it has always been let down by governments when the time comes for the important decisions to be taken. They always take such decisions in haste which ends up plunging Canada into further economic hardships. The positive impacts a country having its own auto industry can be seen in the flourishing economies of countries like Sweden and South Korea. Aside the creation of numerous job avenues for Canadians, it would also have brought a lot of skilled professionals from all over the world into Canada.

It is high time Canada build its own cars and stop being at the receiving end of any decision that gets taken by the United States of America.


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