Film: How to Jump Start Your War

anti-war educational video

My 20-minute video HOW TO JUMP START YOUR WAR is a satirical look at the four similar deceptive protocols used to start each of the last four big international wars: World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq.

Most people of all political stripes do not like being swindled, and this animated and historical video is about giving college and high school classroom exposure to what might possibly be the four biggest fakes of the last hundred years. This video is sure to provoke discussion about the causes of war.

Please note that among the four rulers primarily responsible for those four big wars, there was one fascist, one communist, one Democrat, and one Republican. War is an equal opportunity enterprise.

SPECIAL MENTION, Philadelphia Doc & Fiction Film & Video Festival:

the link is

The Chicago Short Film Festival link is

You may play the video there.

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