When monetizing your site, think twice


Are you thinking of monetizing your website? At The Canadian, we have sought conduct research on "CPM networks".

When seeking to "monetize" websites, business owners and advertising departments need to be aware of "CPM scams".

CPM networks generally seek to hold onto publishers money as long as possible. In so doing, the CPM networks profit at the expense of publishers. Publishers often wait 60 and 90 days for money that they will never get.

As a publisher, you may therefore never obtain the necessary threshold to be paid. Such CPM networks seek to cynically serve their ads onto publisher sites for free.

Publishers that participate in “bait and switch” inspired CPM networks earn enough to get paid. But, then the CPM network finds a way not to pay the publisher.

Some of these CPM network also appear not to count all impressions that a publisher is entitled to receive.

We tested a CPM network called ““

We wanted to find out if AdBrite was a CPM network worth recommending. We had high hopes for AdBrite. Indeed, features the best revenue tracking system of any CPM network we evaluated. It is therefore unfortunate that in our view, has the “scamming tendencies” which we observed in other CPM networks.

When the amount owing to us exceeded $100.00, Abrite dug up a sex education-related article as grounds for cancelling our account and keeping our money.

Adbrite refused to reply to our representations on their vexatious claims which sought to link sex education to “pornography”.

We would advise webmasters seeking to monetize their sites to avoid any company like which seeks to hold onto your earnings for more than 30 days after you have earned the minimum payment amount. is For Sale on Flippa!
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