Marketing: Columns become Advertising for Savvy Businesses

Canada's Independent Yellow Pages has done its share in offering business clients quality advertising solutions. In addition to their already efficient line of advertising solutions, recently introduced an innovative “have-your-own business column” solution.

The new offerings targets entrepreneurs who are in search of strategic advertising which is content-driven. The columns will be published in online newspaper editions. This innovative advertising solution offers a number of great advantages and opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to promote new initiatives.

Through online newspaper columns promotes advertisements in a dynamic form, enabling businesses to adequately promote business activities in general and new products specifically. Many people nowadays read online newspapers; so such columns provide guaranteed great visibility compared to other sources.

Furthermore, hires proficient editorial personnel to carry out pertinent tasks in creating informative and entertaining columns which compel your target audience. Such advertorial-based columns encourage sales increases and warrants a continuous stream of visitors to your business, whether online or in-store.

In-column online newspaper advertising is a cost-effective method in comparison to print and broadcast advertising. Additionally, it provides the benefits of achieving an improved market share in various locations.

Businesses through advertorial-based columns can choose to present varied content that relevantly promotes a business, including pertinent information about the company in addition to manufactured goods and services. dedicates time and effort to develop opportunities like this for businesses all over the world.’s online column space for businesses is developed to inspire new loyal customers, who will read ads on a regular basis which take the form of informative and entertaining value-added content. This type of advertising method does not pose a difficulty to entrepreneurs with the intention of compelling a massive audience. Online in-column newspaper advertising enables businesses to reach out to a wide-reaching audience competently and with confidence. The approach has proven to be effective for increasing sales. This is because through daily-maintained columns business owners can build a long-standing relationship with loyal consumers who frequent the columns.

One of the notable benefits offers is that entrepreneurs get consultation on how to approach their audience efficiently. Moreover, consulting services reduces advertising cost.’s service requires little time and effort with great promises of market expansion through content-driven advertising. puts businesses ahead of the competition in advertising and warrants that clients are satisfied in the end. is giving business owners the opportunity to attract educated professionals who have lots of disposable income who otherwise would not be interested in various business products and services.


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