iPhone 5 reveals new features -- Worth the wait


Even with the demise of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc, the demand for iPhones has been increasing on daily basis and the latest model that is about to hit the market is the iPhone 5. It will be a modification of the early designs but it will have exceptional features that will make it stand above its predecessors.

iPhone 5 Big 4-inch Screen and New Domain to Boost Mobile Sales

iPhone 5 screen

The screen of this model will be bigger and larger than its predecessors. In fact, speculations claim that it will be 4-inches than even its closest predecessor, the iPhone 4. Hence, this will guarantee a large market turn out when it is released. Additionaly, the screen is also going to be made of special glass that will definitely convey a lot to the users.


iPhone 5 camera

The camera is the other interesting feature and akin to other designs it is also manufactured by Sony. Sony has come clear and said that it will employ great and latest technology sensors on the model. It has been speculated that the camera will be 8MP as one of the iPhone 5 features, it will be much smaller.

iPhone 5 outer casing

When it comes to the body, it has been cogitated that it will be as slim as a card, although it is yet to be confirmed. The manufacturer of this model has also come clear that it may even make it much slimmer than its predecessor. This feature will make it easy for owners to carry the iPhone easily as it will be much lighter.
iPhone 5 price

An iPhone 5 price will depend on its storage capacity. Like its predecessor iphone 4, the internal and external storage capacity will be almost the same. Hence, this means that its price will not change to extreme. Additionally, it still possesses similair features although they have been modified a little bit and so clients should expect it to trade at affordable prices. However, due to the unique and latest technology that may be improvised; its prices may ramble with time.

iPhone 5 release date

The release date of the iPhone 5 will depend on the events that Apple Inc holds and so it is likely that this model will be released on the forthcoming events. It is speculated that, this model may be launched on June. And so, this will put aside rumors that the model may be released on October, as during this month Apple Inc is known to host a number of events on its latest developments. However, depending on the theme of the event, it is not likely that this firm will hold an event on their latest phone developments. This model is known to have been produced in March and there is no possibility that the company will take long to launch it. You should thus expect it anytime.

The next gen iPhone will meet expectations of many consumers as the iPhone 5 release date is around the corner. It will combine where the early models failed and latest modifications. Additionally, the competitors of apple are yet to watch over its perfomance once it will be launched. Eitherway, it will set off better brands or be a sensation model that will make other manufacturers approve it has the best. And so, it will be upon the market to decide.


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