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    Are you looking for an independent online insurance brokerage that allows you to compare and select home, travel, and Auto Insurance coverage at the most affordable rates and convenient manner? You are simply in need of Insurance Hunters then.

    Just like other insurance brokers, Insurance Hunters carries out all the working on your behalf to compare and shop for insurance from different insurers and give you the best option that suits your needs. What differentiates this company from its competitors is that it gives you a number of benefits that you won’t be able to find in any other broker. If you take services from this company you can save $200 annually on auto insurance.

    It is rightly said that time is money and this company works on this principle by offering you the best 3 quotes in approximately 3 minutes time! It wasn’t ever this easy to get the best insurance policies this quickly. Next, the company offers you to get quotes from the Ontario’s top 5 insurance firms without the hassle of going independently to each site and signing up and waiting for the quotes.

    The staff at Insurance Hunters is well qualified, licensed and always gives you an unbiased advice. Not only this, the staff puts in all its efforts to find the best offer for you so that you can save further. At Insurance Hunters, your personal information is highly confidential as the company is aware how important your privacy is for you. The website uses the state of the art security methods for confidential communication.

    To get quotes from this site all you need to do is answer few questions on their website and immediately get the best quotes that suit you. You can then simply select the best policy and call the company for buying it.

    The best part here is that you can call whenever you want to without worrying if the office would entertain your request at that very moment or not because they are available 24/7 for you.

    The time needed to get your quote varies on the number of drivers and vehicles to be insured. Mostly people get quotes in 10 minutes time with the facility of saving your quotes for 3 months. You can come back to the site for review, quoting again, or buy insurance in just few seconds. If you value your time and money all you need to do is collect some basic info like who is to be insured for driving, some details on driving history, past claims, car model and make to get Car Insurance.

    After a bad experience with my former auto insurance, I decided to switch companies. However, as most of you know, getting auto quotes can be laborious and time consuming.


    At least, that’s what I thought. Until I discovered Insurancehunter.


    Insurancehunter.ca is a fantastic tool for any Ontario resident looking for a quick and easy Car Insurance quote. The process is simple: Enter a few quick details about yourself and your car, and BAM! Within 3 minutes, you can be comparing rates of leading insurance companies, right from your computer.


    I personally prefer Insurancehunter due to it’s uncanny speed which I was able to obtain a quote. Most sites require you to fill in page after page of details, only to redirect you to yet another Auto Insurance site, wasting an unnecessary amount of time.


    However, besides being super fast, Insurancehunter also compares and offers quotes like no other company. I was able to view rates in realtime, and compare and contrast companies based on the coverage I desired.


    I’d also like to note that Insurancehunter is an independent Insurance Brokerage. Rather than siding with the insurance companies, they’re legitimately trying to find YOU the best possible rate, rather than making more money for insurance providers.


    I would honestly recommend that any Ontario resident check out this tool. It’s incredibly easy, very convenient, and a great way to compare auto insurance quotes. Whether you’re insuring yourself, or your entire family, Insurancehunter.ca is a fantastic resource to use.


    Being an Insurance Hunters customer, I have also found this company a lot better than its competitors because the staff always tries to go out of their way to help me in saving my time and money. The website layout is quite simple such that a naïve person can use it quite efficiently. All you need to do is log on to insurancehunter.ca, and fill out a simple questionnaire and see how good and accurate quotes you can get.

    Even if you already have an insurance policy in hand you can simply check if you can get something better. Remember, there is no harm in trying!

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