Hospitality industry: How Advertorials boost Hotel sales 

Free advertising also known as publicity - is good advertising. Even negative publicity is thought to be better than none. A silly stunt that gets written up in the newspaper, or better still gets on TV, will be seen and remembered by far more people than the cleverest print ad. The trick is to get someone to write about your business, by any means possible. You can write about yourself and your business through blogs and the social media, but credibility drops sharply when you are tooting your own horn.

There is another way. An advertorial is a print advertisement designed to simulate editorial content in newspapers and on websites. On TV or the radio it is known as an infomercial. The key to a successful advertorial is to catch the eye of prospective clients by means of valid and relevant information, at the same time as introducing your brand. It should not be a sales pitch, but should contain contact information for those who want to learn more.

Advertorials are just perfect for hotels and travel agencies which can talk about their location or chosen destinations in such a way that, travellers are just itching to see them. Then you add, An easy way to get to see this fabulous location is through a tour arranged by the A-One Agency, with comfortable/luxurious/unique accommodation at the A-One Hotel. The more competitive the tourist area is the more effective this method of advertising.

The ideal arrangement would be for hotel operators and travel agencies to write a regular online newspaper column, especially on sites that are indexed by Google News. Google may not quite rule the world, but it certainly rules the internet. Google News presents each reader with a collection of stories from around the world that reflect his or her personal interests. And every story has links to several other relevant articles. The articles are ranked by computers as to how often the story appears online, and on what sites. Google also ranks stories based on characteristics such as freshness and diversity.

The advantage of having stories referencing your hotel or travel agency appear frequently online should be obvious, but it takes a special skill to write fresh, original articles and then place them on sites where they will be picked up and linked to others. Smaller businesses may not have the resources to do a good enough job to make the advertorial route as successful as it can be. A company like has a staff of skilled writers and the know-how to enable hospitality businesses to maintain a regular column on newspaper sites. This is not only cost-effective, but generates more positive publicity than other forms of advertising.

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