IPhone: William Shatner launches new app -- Shatoetry

William Shatner, the legendary Canadian actor, recording artist,              musician, film director and author, has recently launched a new application for iTunes called Shatoetry. Shatner, who became a cultural icon after portraying the character of Capt. James T. Kirk in the Star Trek series, has lent his 'golden voice' to this new app.

This new iTunes app allows the subscribers to create poetry, sentences, and even Haiku. All of these are drawn from a database, which consists of around 400 different words, spoken by Shatner. The famous actor, whose voice has become a part of popular culture, has spoken those words in a variety of his often imitated and well-known inflections.

The app, which will be available in the official iTunes store, will be the latest addition to a wide range of apps on the Star Trek genre. The fans of this legendary actor will be able to listen to voice every day, with the help of this app called Shatoetry.

The Shatisms available with this app will surely keep the users amused. Shatner spoke to FOX 411 about the launch of this app. He said,

“I can say anything. I can even break up with your boyfriend. I’d be delighted to. There are some four hundred sounds. You can make any message specific and fun. You can say I love you in three different ways.”

As the app provides the users with a wide range of options, all in his voice, Shetnar also mentioned that he is aware of the fact that these options might be used in an adult sense as well. He said,

“I did think of that. I’m not worried. It doesn’t keep me up. My intention is to have fun, and I would like you to have fun with the app.”

Clearly, the legendary actor has not lost his amazing sense of humor and is excited about his new venture. FOX NEWS also informs us that this particular technology used in the app called Shatoetry has never been used in the past. Hence, Shatner is curious about the outcome of this app and how the people respond to it, in today’s tech savvy world.  He said,

“Is there a market for it? Then, can we grow it? This is unique,”

Lev Chapelsky of Blindlight Apps, the co-creator of Shatoetry, explained,

This is one of the first apps to extend a celebrity brand in such a meaningful, interactive way. It makes the celebrity’s creativity truly interactive for the app user."

The app received number one status the next day of its release. The users and the fans of William Shatner have given it a warm welcome. Many of the users have also posted videos on YouTube about their experience of using it as well.  The app has a lot of potential for fun and hilarity, and will be a source of constant amusement to the users.

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