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Marketing: Advertorials boost sales over online banners

Advertorials have recently surpassed all other forms of online advertising. Regardless of whether a business has opted for Google Ad Sense, online banners, newspaper display advertising on any other method of advertising, advertorials will trump them repeatedly. This new kind of advertising strategy uses paid articles written in a news article style preferably by a professional to review subtly, products and services of a particular brand. Businesses that want this kind of service just contact a leading advertorial organization like, and let them do all the work.

Once the product and services have been reviewed in form of a news article, the company contracted then distributes it to various media outlets like magazines and newspaper as well as different websites online for public consumption. Because these articles are not blatant advertising tools unlike online banners, people will read them and try to find out more about a brand via the contact information provided at the end of the article.

News articles also provide a sense of bond between the brand being written about and the readers who will feel as if the article is written with them in mind (and it is). The professional writer who has been contracted to write the advertorial usually has to provide detailed content that address every aspect of the products and services offered under the subject brand. This is unlike an online banner, which has to use only the maximum number of words assigned to the banner paid for. As a result, advertorials end up beating the online without trouble when it comes to attracting more attention of the online potential client base that is looking for substantive articles.

Organizations like usually employ the use of advertorials for maximum benefit when marketing new small and business medium enterprises that are looking for massive exposure. It usually is the only way to stand out among the competition majority of who are larger and better established in the industry. With the right story and an embedded brand name in all the right places effective marketing is as easy as ABC. is a non-profit organization that specialises in providing exposure for medium and small businesses via paid articles using online and offline media outlets. The organization not only caters to the Canadian clients but also the wider international business community that needs their services.

Some of the media outlets that will display your paid articles include magazines, newspapers, websites, radio and television. This multifaceted approach will ensure that any business that contracts the organization’s services will get the maximum effective market exposure that is much better than any online banner provides. The brand owners using this method, will also access comments as well as progress of how the advertorial is doing on various forums it has been displayed on.


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