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Advertorials surpass Google Ad Sense sales potential

Legendary copywriter Joe Vitale once stated that advertorials are 500 % more likely to be read than a traditional straightforward ad. This includes the Google Ad Sense kind. While this might sound unbelievable, it actually is not. One though, has to understand how advertorials work. Professionals, who will get a real feel of products and services being offered by the brand that wants them marketed, write these paid articles. The writers will then write a news article targeting the appropriate market and embed the brand name and its associated product and services within that article. No one likes reading adverts-they are boring. News articles on the other hand, make for a very interesting and informative read when written well. That is what advertorials are all about.

Organizations like which is not-for-profit, offers this kind of service to businesses that are considered small or medium enterprises of whatever kind. Such organizations then release the advertorials via a variety of online and offline media outlets that included radio, television, newspapers, magazines as well as websites. This method of dissemination ensures that the advertorial has the widest reach possible. Google Ad Sense on the other hand only uses the online media outlets thus limiting their scope.

The professional writers who get a feel for the products and services on offer are more likely to pass on a realistic view of what a brand offers as opposed to a Google Ad Sense ad, which is very clinical. News articles ability to draw the attention of the reader makes them feel as if that product is specifically meant for them and no one else. That is what makes advertorials so effective in the battle for clients today.

An effective advertorial has a far more staying power than any other advertising method online or offline. People do not easily forget a detailed description of anything that they read. This means that when someone wants to access certain products and services provided by a business, they will recall what is foremost in their mind.

Advertorials also have contact information to enable potential clients to access more information about the subject being written about. Google Ad Sense is laughing behind in this issue. The ads are usually quite brief and all have links to the products and services on offer. Many internet users who also like a one-to-one interaction that makes them feel special consider this impersonal approach quite cumbersome. It should not come as a surprise therefore, to find that advertorials are more effective than Google ads in the increase of potential sales of products and services. is one of the leading advertorial companies in Canada and USA today. Despite being not-for-profit, the company has been able to grow and claim a giant market share due to the effectiveness of the marketing strategy that they use. Using every media outlet available they have been able to raise the profiles of the small and medium businesses who have been their clients.


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