Business 4229 Views goes on sale

It is common for a business or organization to acquire several domains with names that are similar to their own so that they cannot be used by competitors., which was recently put up for sale, is not in competition with any government or official website.  Rather, it is an opportunity for potential buyers to get a great domain name which is clearly related to political or democratic lends itself to any number of aspects of Democracy.

It could become a blog during the run-up to an election giving a forum for civil discussion about the issues at stake.  It could be the home of scholarly analysis of the election process, what works well, what not so well.  The domain name is potentially great for activists seeking to lobby government institutions on progressive social change to be brought about by duly elected representatives.  This can be at the national level, but just as easily it would be beneficial to a consortium of local organizations wishing to bring matters of importance before the public so that they can make informed choices during an election.

If you are interested in purchasing this domain name, please contact for more information.


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