The fastest, easiest way to get your tax refund


(NC) -- Waiting for that precious income tax refund cheque to come in the mail? The federal government is reminding Canadians this tax season to enrol for direct deposit to get their money faster and more conveniently.

Almost half of all Canadians who receive income tax refunds have enrolled in the program while the other half could easily get their refunds that much faster just by signing up. Only about 46 percent of all income tax refunds are issued electronically in Canada while 90 percent of pension payments are made through direct deposit.

In an effort to help all Canadians access their federal government payments faster and more conveniently, the federal government is encouraging everyone to sign up for direct deposit before paper cheques are eliminated in April 2016.

Direct deposit applies to all federal payments, including income tax refunds, GST/HST credits, Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance.

There are three ways you can enrol:

• You can visit, the Canada Revenue Agency's My Account site or use your Service Canada My Account to sign up.

• You can visit your bank where an agent can help you fill out a form. Most banks can provide enrolment forms.

• You may also receive an enrolment form with your cheques from time to time. If you need help filling out the form or would like to order one, call 1-800-O-Canada.

Enrolling in direct deposit is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. The federal government estimates 32,000 trees a year will be saved by eliminating paper cheques and greenhouse gas emissions will be lowered as well by eliminating transportation needs associated with mailing cheques.

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